Butaleja Race Heats Up As M7 Reconciles Wrangling NRM Leaders

see geneva;”>He called on them to strengthen democracy and consolidate the Movement achievements that include, pharm among others, no rx development, peace and stability.

The President made the call on Friday at a meeting with Butaleja district NRM leaders and councilors that was held at Butaleja district headquarters in Bukedi Sub-Region, Eastern Uganda.

The reconciliatory meeting saw the camp of the Deputy Secretary General of NRM and who is also Ambassador designate to the Republic of Tanzania, Ms Dorothy Hyuha and that of Hon. Dombo Emmanuel, bury the hatchet and pledge to work together to strengthen the NRM Party and to rally behind the NRM flag bearer Ms. Florence Nebanda in the forthcoming Butaleja Woman MP by-elections slated for February 11.

The Butaleja district Woman MP Seat fell vacant following the sudden demise of the late Cerinah Nebanda towards the end of last year.

The other contestants in the NRM primaries who included Ms. Allen Wegulo, Ms. Aida Hadoto, Sarah Namusari and Ms. Nasihye also accepted to support Florence Nebanda in the by-elections.

President Museveni, who once again conveyed his heartfelt condolences to the people of Butaleja district in general and to the family in particular, upon the sudden death of Cerinah Nebanda, said he received the news with great shock because he had seen the late Nebanda in Parliament the day before her death.

The President called for observance of a one minute silence and prayed the Almighty God to rest her soul in peace.

He also used the same occasion to announce his forgiveness to those who had alleged that government had a hand in the death of Nebanda and rubbished their lose talk; describing such people as enemies of Uganda.

“I would, first of all, like to extend my condolences to the people of Butaleja and the family upon the death of my granddaughter, Cerinah Nebanda. It was a great shock because I had seen her in Parliament on Thursday then on Friday she died. That happened. We should find how to move on. Those who came here and talked rubbish, are enemies of Uganda and don’t know the history of NRM very well”, he observed.

He said he was glad that different groups of people from Butaleja district, including some members of the family of the late Cerinah Nebanda, went to Rwakitura and apologized.

“So, I have forgiven them and I have forgotten about that”, he told the meeting.

President Museveni, who is also the NRM National Chairman, expressed his gratitude for the reconciliatory move by NRM leaders in Butaleja district and their resolve to rally behind the NRM flag bearer Florence Nebanda.

“I am very happy that you have reconciled here in Butaleja. I am glad that NRM leaders have eventually got united around my granddaughter Florence Nebanda”, he said.

He reminded them of the political turmoil Uganda went through before NRM came to power; a situation that he observed was characterized by political instability, lack of a correct political ideology and disorientation in development programmes.


He urged the leaders of Butaleja district to strengthen democracy and other achievements gained by the NRM government like development, peace and stability.

President Museveni added that NRM has managed to pacify the whole country by deliberately building a well disciplined army capable of handling any security challenges, pursuing the correct ideology that opposes in the strongest terms, sectarianism based on religion and tribe, empowering all marginalized groups like those of women, the youth and the disabled as well as pursuing the industrialization process to widen the tax base as well as job creation.

Museveni, therefore, called on all leaders to explain to the population the step by step concept in development adding that the impression created by some liars to the masses that all development programmes can be done at the same time was false.

“Every leader should talk about industries, hotels, etc leaders talk about roads not factories or even oppose factories and at the same time you want roads – now how do you work on the roads?” he asked.

Commenting on the development programmes in Butaleja district, President Museveni first refuted allegations by opposition that government had sold Doho Irrigation and Rice Schemes.

He clarified that the Rice Farming Scheme doesn’t belong to government as the farms are belongings of the wanainchi in the area.

“What government does is to divert water to your gardens. What is the government selling – unless you yourselves want to sell the farms,” he said.

He assured them that the scheme will be rehabilitated but advised the people of the area to add other activities like fish and dairy farming.

President Museveni further assured the people of Butaleja that the trunk roads in their district will be worked on and that Senior Secondary Schools would be rehabilitated and the 4-classroom school in Budumba and Highland SSS in Nalweiyo – which were started by the late Hon. Cerinah Nebanda – would be completed by government.

Later, the President and National Chairman of NRM handed over the NRM flag to Florence Nebanda whom he described as a very promising young person who was very active in the London NRM branch.

He called on the people of Butaleja district to give their candidate an overwhelming support.

The NRM flag bearer Florence Nebanda, who has just completed her Master’s Degree in International Human Resource Management at the University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom after her first Degree in the same discipline at the University of East London in England, pledged to work for the development of Butaleja district.

The Minister for Mobilization, Mr. Richard Todwong and that of State for Health, Hon. Sarah Kataike, among others attended the meeting.


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