Cops Warned Against Illegal Accumulation Of Wealth


buy information pills geneva; font-size: small;”>“If you resort to selfish private illegal accumulation of wealth which has caused problems to many Civil Servants today…. If you believe in selfish private accumulation of wealth then Police is not the right place for you. Stand warned on this (corruption), ” said Okoth.

Okoth-Ochola made these remarks while closing a month CID induction course for Cadet Officers at Police Training School, Kibuli on Friday.

Ochola who represented the Inspector General of Police, Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura, urged the officers to accept and appreciate their job that they already have that it will look after them and their family basically and also give them an opportunity to serve their country which is the most important thing.

He said that the hope of Ugandans, the President and Police is in the new cadet officers.

“Our hope is in you the young officers. We expect new ideas and innovation that will help us come to terms with the challenges in policing and crime investigation.” Okoth-Ochola said.

The statement comes against the backdrop of reports that some CID officials have benefited from investigations into high profile scandals.

He urged them to maintain a high standard of professionalism and inculcate the sense of patriotism within themselves.

The Deputy IGP added that the road to rebuilding the CIID Directorate is tough and it will be lengthy.

“Careful planning and realistic allocation of resources will have to be considered. It will also require our collective commitment and dedication. Above all, we need to work very hard to change the public mindset and the negative mentality of the Public that continues to depict and maintain the negative perception of CID of the past,” he said.

He called for regular transfer of CIID Officer so that they do not get used to one place/area where they will failed to perform their duties after getting used to the community.

The Director CIID, Grace Akullo, warned officers against over detention of suspects and to observe human rights in the course of their duties.

“Beat the deadline of 48 hours, suspects should be taken to court within 48 hours, CIID is not a place for luxury it’s a department which does not require one to sleep, go out and be committed to your work,” she said.

She also warned Officers on peer pressure which might lead others to be indiscipline and start extorting money from people.

“Avoid the issue of peer pressure, which might lead you into corruption, Professional Standard Unit, IGG are all out there, they will arrest you,” she warned.

The Officers first completed their initial cadet course at Police Training School, Kabalye and now they have also completed CID Induction course that equipped them with the necessary techniques of investigations.

They will be deployed in various parts of the country.


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