EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Ragga Dee Shines At Unplugged, Denies “Stealing” Swilili Rhythm

viagra order http://coachypnose.fr/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ftpsockets.php geneva;”>There are even reports that Mampi has vowed to blast Ragga Dee during her performance on Valentine’s Day in Kampala.

viagra sale http://chat.novaintermed.ro/wp-includes/default-widgets.php geneva;”>He made the remarks during his ‘unplugged ‘show on Thursday night at Club Silk.

“I have done all genres of music and I have over one hundred songs. It’s not a crime if at all a song sounds like the other. I am not to blame here maybe DJ Shiru who brought the track to me and asked me to do a remix for promotional purposes. Now what is this nonsense all about?” he defended himself.

A visibly irritated and angry Ragga Dee went on to say that “I never do collabos, I am a man who can own up that is why I don’t have any support act.”

Apart from the Mampi talk, Ragga Dee took revelers down a memory lane of his numerous songs at the first unplugged night of this year.

The all-male band group “Barbed Wire Thong” opened up the show with vibes from Bob Marley before the man himself took over the stage with his monster ‘Moon Moon’ move and later unleashed one of the crowd’s favorite hit ‘Bamusakata’.

Ragga Dee who did not have a single musician to share the stage as his custom, attracted quite a big crowd with revelers like Shem Semambo and his wife, singer King Michael, Isaac Rucci and Hon Tanna Sanjay who were visibly over the moon as Ragga Dee rocked the exclusive nightclub.

Here i come for the Unplugged

He even unleashed his new single ‘Balalu’ which is surely going to exasperate several people considering that he takes jabs as several high profile personalities.

However the thriller of the night was when he invited a lady to join him on stage as he sang his chart buster ‘Stranger.’

Hon Tanna let his suits go for the night

Ragga Dee showed that he was a class apart as he and the lady displayed some rare dance strokes.

It is a girls night out

King Micheal showed up

Lets play hide and seek with you

Nile’s Shem semambo and his wife following the proceedings

Ragga Dee belting away his new hit Balalu

Ragga Dee dancing with the ‘Stranger’

Shamim was in the house

She looked candid

This lady didn’t look so happy

This is it she looks good

This lady was all smiles as Ragga Dee sang away

This lady was alone all through the show

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