Ronaldo Nazario Luis De Lima Advises Naymer To Join European Clubs


order geneva;”>”I would advise Neymar to go to Europe. As well as being the home of football, the culture there makes it a great opportunity and an option that should not be missed.
“In Europe, players become real people, especially Brazilians. I learned a lot, it was great to live in Europe for 18 years and I can say that there is no university to teach you everything I learned playing football there.”
The 36-year-old is currently on the board of directors for the Organising Committee for 2014 World Cup in his homeland, and he admitted it is a prospect that makes him wish he was still playing.
“I’d love to be a few years younger and return to play at the Maracana. Brazilian football will inherit a legacy from the World Cup. New stadiums, new football prospects. Everything will have changed because of 2014.”


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