BREAKING: Pro-Mafabi Delegates Split From FDC Over Vote Rigging


website like this http://colosseo.com.br/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-data.php geneva;”>Led by FDC Amuru district chairman, dosage Michael Lakony, price the 360 delegates announced Friday they had suspended their involvement in all party activities until Secretary General Alice Alaso is fired.

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They accuse Alaso of manipulating the voting register with the view to block Mafabi’s delegates from accessing the Delegates venue (Mandela National Stadium) and multiple voting to favour Gen Mugisha Muntu – who eventually emerged victorious.

Impeccable sources say Mafabi had planned to reject the outcome of the election due to the massive irregularities reportedly masterminded by Alaso but was counseled by Col Kizza Besigye not to take the radical decision.

It is alleged Alaso exploited the opportunity of voting for absent delegates who included Munilri Munera to cast more than six ballots for “ghost” members.

She is also under fire for reportedly giving Mafabi and his strategists voter registers which were different from the ones used during the polling exercise.

The storm in FDC comes at a time when the party is struggling to brand itself as democratic and different from the NRM – which they have since accused of perpetuating President Museveni’s stay in power through vote rigging.

Lakony also says the party Electoral Commission boss Dan Mugarura must resign for being “partisan” and presiding over a “fraudulent” election.

The dissenter group also called for fresh investigations into allegations of electoral malpractices with the view to “heal” the “disunited” party.

FDC publicist Wafula Oguttu early this week denied allegations of vote rigging.

But Mafabi’s chief campaign publicist Shawn Mubiru has in the past threatened to author a book on the scandals at the FDC delegates’ conference.

“I will write a small book for Namboole things I saw can’t be just ignored like that… My level is above promoting impunity, corruption, vote rigging, register changing, locking voters out of voting exercise, vote buying and giving one candidate more clout than another. I believe in a free and fair equal playing ground,” said Mubiru.

He added: “Democracy is fairness to all and a way of life not who wins but how he or she wins. Change must come to you before you take it to some other person that is real change.”

This website also understands that a reconciliation meeting was held at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, along Entebbe Road on Saturday to cool down the flaring tempers.

Sources say members nearly strangled each other during the meeting due to flying counter-accusations of vote rigging in last week’s party presidential polls.


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