Oil Bill: Bwanika Blasts Religious Leaders’ Silence, Hails “Unruly” MPs

erectile http://cmlsociety.org/wp-content/plugins/events-manager/multilingual/em-ml-bookings.php geneva;”>Dr Bwanika says the drama that dominated the House over the reconsideration of Clause 9 which seeks to grant the Energy Minister overwhelming decisions in the oil sector should not override the pertinent issues contained the Oil Bill.

“Emphasising the ugly events in preference to the real issues will be a mistake even though it was unfortunate,” said Bwanika

Bwanika added that often time MPs from different countries such as Korea and Japan have fought during debates saying that if it is worthy getting a good oil bill, it should be done for the interest of Ugandans.

The former presidential aspirant in 2011 general elections added that PDP salutes the members of parliament that have chosen to stand on the side of Ugandans in the fight against corruption and the wickedness that has befallen Uganda.

He also stressed that whether clause 9 of the oil bill is accepted or not, the struggle against the corrupt is a serious one, adding Ugandans must engage from all fronts.

“We hope the majority of the MPs will stay steadfast and pass a law that will guarantee the benefits of the oil resource to all the people of Uganda and not some few,” said Bwanika

However, Dr Bwanika expressed his disappointment by religious leaders for being silent at such a time when the nation is sinking, wondering why their voice is scanty and almost not heard at all.

He added that religious leaders have often time hypocritically prayed for the nation yet offering it into the hands of the corrupt.

“We hope the religious leaders in Uganda have not decided to dine with wicked, protect them with their prayers and silence,” he said.


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