Ugandan MPs And The Pregnant School Girl

erectile geneva;”>The scenes from parliament on Tuesday sent shocks down the country’s spine. One could be forgiven to assume that the honorable members of parliament had been possessed by some spirits, but at further understanding this was a continuation of the many scenes so far played in the country’s oil debate.

Within minutes social media was awash with strong opinions, for and against the conduct of members of parliament in equal measure. In fact those who disagreed went a step to insinuate that these ugly scenes reflected the true nature of our representatives which is largely debatable.

Today the parliament has neither voted nor debated on the fate of clause 9 and a dark cloud hovers on the way forward. Without dwelling so much on the merits and demerits of this troublesome clause in the oil bill, I think it’s important for us to capture quite extensively the real reasons why the house degenerated into the chaos witnessed.

Since the incidence I have refused to believe that the real cause for this drama was contention over clause 9 as some people want us to believe. I subscribe to a school of thought that in fact far from it; this clause was a mere sign to a bigger problem at hand.

From the onset, on that fateful day something strange happened, the perennially half full parliament was all of a sudden full to capacity with more than 95% turn up of even very rare faces

Could this have offended the faithful MPs who labor to attend and debate only for there part time colleagues to turn up and steal the show?

MPs committee

I have been keenly following parliament business in committees for awhile, but increasingly there is a lot of hostility towards witnesses by MPs especially in corruption related investigations which at times I consider over board. The diction and manner of asking questions boarders on near outburst of magma from the ground.

With the above I will be forgiven for suggesting that I sensemassive accumulation of anger and disappointment by well meaning legislators on the direction events in almost all sectors of the economy beyond oil. There seems to be saturation of pessimism on what members of parliament can achieve in terms of country’s development.

We are likely to see more degeneration in that house, if the continued perception of mps remains hinged on the feeling that they are toothless. If we are to move forward, the speaker of parliament ought to suspend parliament and embark on a serious refresher course to members of the house with special focus on stress management aspects.

When I posted on my face book wall a question on whether my friends were impressed or disgusted with what had transpired in parliament, a surprising majority of respondents endorsed the manner in which the representatives behaved. One even reminded me of a famous quotation “..When the insanity of the whole nation disturbs a solitary mind, its not enough to say a man is mad…” You can ignore this at your own peril but these mps are part and parcel of this angry public. Moving forward I think we need to deliberately stop to ponder seriously on the way forward.

Can an angry parliament be trusted with any other serious national issue? Who and what is generating this kind of anger which threatens to consume the would rather be insulated members of parliament.

The solace to MP’s anger and frustration can be contained by rules of parliament, have you asked yourself what will contain the anger of the larger public going forward.?



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