Kadaga Blasts Unruly MPs, Suspends Parliament

this geneva;”>Our Chimp Corps discovered many issues about restaurant including how strategically they are located, pharmacy the care given to the customers, how smart the waiters and waitresses are dressed and the cleanliness around. These are some of the restaurants and hotels we went to.

Melting Pot Bar and Restaurant is located on plot 12, Buganda road opposite FINA bank is one of a kind restaurant. It’s customer care is exceptional, their staffs can be smartly dressed in orange and black, always welcome customers with a smile on their faces. It takes them less than 10 minutes to bring you what you have ordered.

They serve everything from breakfast to dinner at a fair cost including scrambled eggs and cheese, salads, local foods. Their black tea costs Shs 5,000 and pizzas cost no more than Shs 10,000. It is strategically located especially to the workers along Buganda road.

However it is limited with space since it has so many customers which forces the people not spend any more minute inside the restaurant after finishing their meals. Sadly they do not have their own toilets so customers use the public ones in the neighborhood.

Boston View Restaurant located opposite Buganda road court behind King Fahd plaza. It serves breakfast, lunch and evening tea and their prices are a bit friendly because a customer gets a bottle of soda at 1500Ugx, chips and chicken at 8000Ugx.

Its services are of quality and cleanliness prevails everywhere.

Grand Imperial Hotel is located on Nile Avenue behind the East African bank. It has staff that is highly trained and alert that they serve their customers promptly. However its prices are non-friendly especially to a peasant worker. Their boiled beef goes for 25000Ugx, Fried goat at 25000Ugx, Indian foods at 25000Ugx Beers range from 5000Ugx, tusker at 6000Ugx and plain chips at 8000Ugx.

It takes about 5 minutes to get a drink and it takes 30 to get a meal and the security is very good.

Rohanna Restaurant and Take Away is located at Lubaga road, next to Wallet time pub Kabuusu. Their prices are affordable with some dishes going for 5000Ugx, and Luwombo at only 4000Ugx. Snacks and salads are sold cheaply. The food portions are generous and at least a customer does not need to order with cash.

Rohannas toilets are always clean and with toilet papers unlike most restaurants around town.

Sab Restaurant It’s located at Buganda road opposite Central police station. Their prices are fair to many Ugandans, Luwombo goes for 6000Ugx, local foods at 8000 a plate, beers at 4000Ugx and sodas at 1500Ugx a bottle. It usually takes them 20 minutes to get a luwombo for lunch and 10 minutes for chips and chicken.

They have unique services and their red tables and chairs make the place attractive. The TV is always tuned on sports or news.

Bakhita Restaurant is located at Lubaga road next to Wallet time Kabuusu. The prices are friendly because beers go for 3500Ugx, sodas 1500Ugx luwombo for 8000Ugx. It takes 10 minutes to get a meal. The place is ever clean and waiters serve with zeal. However the staff is inadequate.

Blue H Restaurant located on Namaganda plaza opposite Sharon bridals. It has good staff that is friendly to customers. However the is a bit slow when serving.

Hot Bites Restaurant is Located in Kabuusu along Lubaga road. Their staff has a polite way of speaking. Beers go for 3000Ugx. Chips and chicken at 5000Ugx sausages at 1000Ugx only.

approved geneva;”>Kadaga said the conduct of the MPs in yesterday’s plenary session was not proper and unacceptable.

She further directed the House rules Committee to review Tuesday’s chaotic proceedings and report to the house by Monday next week.

“I wish to therefore direct that the Rules, Privileges and Discipline Committee looks into the unruly and disorderly behaviour of some the members who participated in the proceedings of yesterday,” charged Kadaga.

“I request them to look at the videos, analyze the footages with a view of recommending punitive action against any members whose behaviour could have disrupted the proceedings of Parliament.”

Kadaga on Tuesday evening prematurely adjourned the sitting of Parliament following shouting matches between legislators on both sides of the house.

Kadaga took action as legislators failed to agree on the mode of recommitting clause 9 of the oil exploration bill.

MPs physically disagreed on whether to debate the clause or move into voting on its reconsideration.

MPs, for the first time in Uganda’s history, were seen pointing fingers at each other, shouting, singing and making all sorts of noise.

Some nearly strangled each other as tensions hit boiling levels.

Observers say Kadaga intends to assert her powers as the Speaker and secure tough penalties against MPs who allegedly misbehaved.


For starters, originally, clause 9 of the bill provided powers to the Minister to grant licenses to oil Companies.

The controversial clause provided that the minister shall be responsible for granting and revoking licences; initiating, developing and implementing oil and gas policy; submitting draft legislation to Parliament; issuing petroleum Regulations and negotiating and endorsing petroleum agreements.

Other powers which the Minister wants include approving field development plans; promoting and sustaining transparency in the petroleum sector; approving data management systems; and any other function incidental or consequential to his or her functions.

The contention on clause 9 stems from the fact that Parliament had provided powers to grant licenses to the Petroleum Authority of Uganda and not the minister.

The Minister now wants Parliament to revert this decision and have powers restored a move legislators have openly challenged and vowed to resist through other avenues including organizing protests.

Legal experts say reconsideration of clause 9 will have an effect on almost 80% of all the other clauses in the bill and entrust the Minister with “overwhelming” powers which should lie with the Petroleum Authority.


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