Gen Muntu, Museveni Faceoff As Kamuli Poll Heats Up


website like this http://chicken33.com/commande/wp-includes/customize/class-wp-customize-new-menu-section.php geneva;”>“When someone tells you to vote for individuals and ignore the Party, http://codapostproduction.com/app/plugins/gravityformslogging/logging.php they are misleading you because one can’t do the work alone. Their strength comes from the Party”, the President emphaisized.

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The President made the call on Tuesday at Naminage Primary School in Kitayungwa Sub-County, Kamuli district in Busoga Sub-Region while campaigning for the NRM flag bearer, Mr. Thomas Kategere in the Kamuli district’s LC5 elections tomorrow.

He, therefore, asked the people of Kamuli to support Kategere to enable NRM Party retain the top district seat.

The elections that are taking place tomorrow will feature NRM’s Kaegere and Salaamu Musumba of FDC. The Kamuli district LC5 Chair fell vacant after the 2011 elections winner, Mr. Kawugu Kawooya, was thrown out by Court on grounds of lack of adequate academic qualifications.

The President also requested the voters to focus on Mr. Kategere’s abilities as a young and energetic man who will help continue with the development projects as previously initiated by former Chairperson, Kawugu Kawooya.

“Don’t crucify Kategere for being hot tempered, especially when attacking the corrupt, but advise him, because he is on track. It is this hot temper that also helped me fight a number of vices sometime ago,” the President said.

He highlighted a number of achievements of the National Resistance Movement in the area ranging from free education, construction of schools and other infrastructure as well as the successful immunization process that has greatly contributed to the healthy population growth country wide.

He also emphasized the need to improve household income through modern farming practices.

While at Kavule Primary School in Namasagali Sub-County and at Kasambira Primary School in Bugulubya Sub-County, President Museveni called on all leaders and members of NRM to reconcile and forgive one another in order to maintain the solidarity of the NRM Party.

He told the people of Kamuli district that the Party is bigger than an individual. He, therefore, cautioned all leaders and members of the Party not to play around with the Party because the peace and rule of law now in place in Uganda was athe result of sacrifice that included shedding of blood.

He told them of the achievements registered by NRM in Kamuli district in health, education and infrastructure sectors despite political instability in Kamuli district.

On roads, the President informed the people of Kamuli district that every district in the country has been provided with road equipment to work on their local road network.

NRM Party flag bearer, Thomas Kategere, while addressing the crowds at various rallies, apologized to all the people of Kamuli whom he offended and pledged to work together with everyone for the development of the district.

He promised to focus mainly on fighting corruption, working on the bad roads and provision of safe water. He commended the President for his efforts in uniting the leaders and people of Busoga Sub-Region.

Voting for the Kamuli LC V is to be held on the 29th November with the tight race being between NRM’s Thomas Kategere and FDC’s Salam Musumba.

FDC top shots led by Mugisha Muntu have camped in Kamuli to ensure victory for Musumba. Sources say FDC are carrying out door-to-door campaigns to eat into the NRM vote and woo the undecided.

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