Haliima Combing Town Over Bad Black Monies

viagra http://clbattery.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-autosave-post-v1-1-endpoint.php geneva;”>However we hear that the mission has turned into a very difficult one after an owner of a Jinja road based night club where the Bad Black used to hang out and even gave huge loans, buy information pills showed Haliima the door when she tried to get in touch with him last Tuesday.

A patron who was at the club at that time told us that the arrogant guy shouted at a shocked Haliima to get out of his club if she did not want to be embarrassed by being lifted out and thrown onto the street by his no nonsense bouncers.

A hapless Haliima then left the club but has vowed not to give up on her mission.

We have meanwhile also heard that a top lawyer in town has also gone Awol after he got word that the same Haliima was on his case to pay up Bad Blacks monies that she entrusted with him.

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