Chaos At DP Headquarters

viagra approved http://clevelandheartlab.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sal/class.json-api-site-jetpack.php geneva;”>This demonstration was towards parliament against reinstating of the oil bill by Members of Parliament today Tuesday.

This chaos led to the arrest of a UYD member, Nabiru Kaweesi who was pushed into the prisons bus and put under custody for several minutes.

On the arrest of Kaweesi, other DP members led by Kenneth Paul Kakande, began to capture, beat and lock up whoever they suspected to be a police informant dressed in no uniforms. They locked up two men at the headquarters and demanded the police to first release Nabiru before they could handover the two men.

It was until the police negotiated with the Party and reached a consensus for Nabiru, Kakande and other DP members to be taken to CPS for further explanation of the cause of the chaos.

However the DPC Kampala, Andrew Felix Kaweesi has said that the heavy deployment at the DP head quarters should not be taken as being illegal and that the police has a right to deploy for security reasons in any place.

He said police learnt that DP had been mobilizing the public to stage up a demonstration towards the parliament and this called for the heavy deployment.

Kaweesi emphasized that police has not stopped anybody from attending the parliamentary proceedings today, but people should know that the gallery is limited to a specific number of people and therefore not every nobody will be allowed to enter.


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