Museveni: UPC Collapsed Twice On Its Own

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President Museveni, who is also the National Chairman of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) was on Monday addressing a political rally at Kween district headquarters in Sebei Sub-Region where he was drumming up support for the NRM flag bearer, Mr. Kapchemeiko Paul Machinjach, in the by-elections for Kween district LC5 Chairperson slated for Thursday.

The LC5 seat fell vacant following the nullification by Court of the elected Chairperson, Mr. Chelimo due to lack of the requisite academic qualifications.

President Museveni thanked the people of Sebei-Sub Region for their unwavering support to NRM since the onset of multiparty system of governance in Uganda and advised the electorate of Kween district to maintain that support to facilitate the continuity of the developmental programmes now evident in their area.

He enumerated a host of achievements scored by the NRM government in Uganda and Sebei sub-region in particular and wondered how a person of sound mind could dispute this fact by alleging NRM had done nothing for the country.

President Museveni urged the electorate to audit such elements adding that some of them like FDCs do not have any programme for this country while UPC is just wasting the time of the people of Kween because that Party had the opportunity to develop the nation but collapsed twice on its own.

The President cited some of the achievements as that of aggressively handling the challenge of immunization that has catapulted the population of the country to go over 34 million people and that of Sebei Sub-Region to 300,000 people.

He added that in 1986 the country was collecting a total tax of only Shs5 billion adding due to the correct economic policies put in place by NRM, the revenue collection has shot up to 7,000 billion shillings, whereas Kween district alone is today receiving Shs9billion.

On the side of education, President Museveni said that Sebei Sub-Region in 1986 had only 52 paid for primary schools, but today has 127 primary schools benefitting from NRM government’s programme of free education.

The President further pointed out that the region had only 3 Senior Secondary Schools in 1986 but today has 13 government Senior Secondary Schools and 11 private ones.

He also said that the number of technical schools will be increased by 2 more instead of only one that the region has.

Regarding water, he assured the people of Sebei Sub Region that all towns of the area will in a few years time access piped water. As Kapchorwa town is already enjoying the service of piped water. He informed the people that the water system for Bukwo town has been designed and while that of Kween will soon be designed as well.

Commenting on the infrastructure in the region, President Museveni said the road from Kapchorwa via Kween to Bukwo is one of the 19 major ways prioritized by government to be worked on as the funds are now available.

He further announced that 2 hydro-power dams will be built in Sebei sub region, one on Suam River Suam and the other along Sipi falls to supply adequate electricity to the region besides the electrification programme that is now ongoing in Bukwo.

President Museveni, however, urged the people of Sebei to prioritize wealth creation by converting to modern commercial agriculture. He advised them to plan their small land holdings by growing wheat, Irish potatoes, Arabic coffee, apples, elephant grass, practicing piggery, rearing of Frisian cows and poultry.

The President strongly urged the people of Kween to elect the NRM flag bearer Mr. Machinjach.

The area Woman MP, Hon. Chekwel Lydia, thanked President Museveni for his support to the people of Sebei sub-region.


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