Police Spared Of AID Cuts


decease this web geneva;”>“People now days trust the Uganda Police, the ratings by the (United) States Department shows that in 2010, only 10 percent of the population trusted Police but in 2012 this has risen to 44 percent, this is mainly due to community policing we are carrying out,” this was revealed by the Inspector General of Police, Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura while meeting the Irish delegation at Police headquarters on Monday.

The Irish delegation is in the country to assess the impact of Community Policing in the country since they funded the training of Police Officers in community policing doctrine. The delegation is led by Inspector Joe Carton.

Gen. Kayihura said that Uganda Police has transformed from reactive Policing to proactive policing where officers spent more time with the local community to identify security challenges in their areas and to solve their problems.

“We use to have reactive Police were they arrest people, use force, deal with criminal harshly, Policing has shifted from that to second generation of Policing using community Policing,” Gen. Kayihura said. “I have transformed the Police from that reactive force Police to proactive Police.”

He said that the result of community policing can be evidenced in the recent success of investigating corruption cases in the country where the community offered Police valuable information in regard to grafts that was taking place in government institutions.

The IGP called upon the Ireland and Uganda government to work together in order to curb crimes which has become global.

He thanked the Ireland government for the support they have rendered to the Uganda Police Force in terms of training and other logistical support.

“We appreciate your support to us, we appreciate the government of Ireland, it speaks volume about your heart,” he said.

Mr. Michael Kennedy from the Irish Aid Department said that aid support to Police was not affected in the recent Irish aid cut to the Ugandan government.

“Irish aid towards Police was not affected because the money was used appropriately,” Kennedy said.

Western countries have since suspended some aid due to the reported theft of over Shs20bn donor support fund from the PRDP basket.

Inspector Joe Carton said that in policing the community expect to live in an environment which is peaceful and they anticipate that Police will provide that but they too have a role to play in securing their community.

“The public have to engage with the Police to achieve that peace they want to enjoy,” Carton said.


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