Museveni lectures Kaberamaido On Enhancing Household Income

drug geneva;”>He said that the Kumam are known to be hard working people. He therefore urged them to learn more from the leading farmers in the country in order to enhance their household incomes.

buy information pills geneva;”>“The NRM Government has built a new infrastructure in your area like the newly constructed Soroti – Lira road. Electricity has been provided to Kaberamaido district and a new ferry service that is soon to be commissioned, more about will link Nakasongola and Amolatar districts operating from Lwampanga,” he said.

The President, therefore, called on the people of Kaberamaido, one of the districts in the Teso Sub-Region to plan production activities on their land in such a way that two acres are dedicated to the growing of citrus fruits, one acre for food crops while the remaining acre should be utilized to grow elephant grass to promote dairy activities.

He also asked them to rear pigs, get involved in poultry activities while those who dwell near swamps could undertake fish production using ponds.

Mr. Museveni was on Sunday evening addressing the Kaberamaido community at Hotel Africana in Kampala during a thanksgiving dinner that the people of Kaberamaido hosted in honour of the new Principal Private Secretary to the President, Ms. Mary Amajo.

In mid August this year, President Museveni appointed Ms. Mary Amajo his new PPS to replace Ms. Grace Akello who was appointed Uganda’s Ambassador to Rome in Italy.

The President reminded the Kaberamaido Community members in particular and Ugandans in general that large scale agriculture would lead the Ugandan society to industrialization using value addition to our agricultural products as a basis. He advised people who own large pieces of land to venture in maize production both for human consumption and animal feeds.

Mr. Museveni commended the people of Kaberamaido – the Kumam – for their culture of hard work. He saluted them for helping the Government to eliminate rebel Tabuley and his notorious terrorist group during the war against terrorist Joseph Kony.

Turning to issues affecting the youth, President Museveni strongly warned them against promiscuity adding that “promiscuous behaviour is an ingredient of the deadly HIV/AIDS scourge.”

State Minister for Teso Affairs, Mrs. Amongin Aporu, assured the President that the people of Teso Sub-Region are solidly behind him. She also saluted him for the appointment of Ms. Mary Amajo.

Ms. Mary Amajo, saluted him for the confidence placed in her leading to her new appointment. She expressed her administration for the President’s visionary leadership practices adding that “the task we have is to transform civil servants into entrepreneurs.”

The Chairman of the organizing committee of the thanksgiving dinner Mr. Sam Eyena, commended the President for ensuring peace and restoration of security in Kaberamaido district as well as the extension of social services and infrastructure such as electricity.


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