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Kagame: We Shall Not Be Led Around Like Cows, We Own Cows

try http://cides.med.up.pt/templates/yoo_revista/warp/layouts/modules/templates/1-1-1.php geneva; font-size: small;”>UN-affiliated groups have called for sanctions against Rwandan army officers including Defence Minister James Kabarebe for supporting the M23 rebel group which recently seized Goma and has threatened to attack Kinshasha and topple President Joseph Kabila.

order http://deltadiner.com/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/src/deprecated/tribesettingstab.php geneva; color: #333333; font-size: small;”>Rwanda denies the charges, ask saying DRC should shoulder its own security challenges.

Kagame said where Rwanda can’t change things, “we will speak up; we must speak up because the truth matters to us.”

The President was giving a speech during the swearing-in ceremony of Ambassador Eugene Gasana who has been appointed Minister of State at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and United Nations Permanent Representative.

Gasana will serve both as a top envoy to UN and Cabinet Minster.

“We must exercise our responsibility for our continent, in the global community without fear or favor,” said Kagame, adding, “We can’t be made to dance around by those who think they are better…we are a small country but we are not small people.”

The President said “we can be poor materially but we are not poor spiritually and intellectually.”

He said “this new Rwanda” will never ever allow to be “led around like cows.”

“We are not cows, we own cows,” he added.

Kagame further said Rwanda won’t allow being “made to dance around by those who think they are better,” because “we are a small country but we are not small people.”

“I will not stop speaking the truth because some don’t want to hear it. In the world we live in, facts don’t matter. It is the perception that does…we want to be people who can deal with both”

Kagame said it doesn’t matter “how many times you repeat lies about us, it doesn’t make it the truth because we will not accept it,” a veiled attack against the authors of the UN reports alleging Rwanda’s involvement in the DRC conflict.

The President said Rwanda is not the villain of this region and can’t be made to be the villain.

He also advised Ambassador Gasana that Rwanda’s position on the United Nations Security Council is an opportunity to stand for “justice, for what is right and show we are a different Rwanda.”

“Today’s Rwanda on the UNSC is a new Rwanda, one that does not stand for the killing of its own people. I wish Gasana continued success at the UN and in his new role as Min of State at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.”

Kagame said the envoy should represent what his country stands for – truth and integrity.

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