Gen Muntu: My Victory Is A Turning Point For Uganda

drugs geneva; font-size: small;”>“I am glad to start the Party Presidency with such a marginal win. This race has been a challenge, ambulance competition was stiff but I like challenges. People were able to see a process that has not been able to happen in Uganda for the last 50 years specifically with the recent debate at WBS, check ” said Muntu after winning the election held at Mandela National Stadium on Thursday.

“I can assure you this is a turning point for Uganda. We shall not move backwards,” roared the former army commander.

Muntu urged all the FDC delegates and supporters to work together in order to build a culture of hard work, sacrifice, value- based leadership if they are to remove NRM from power.

“Once these values are entrenched within the party, then they will be given out to the whole country,” he said.

There were 10 polling stations in the stadium. Out of 776 votes cast, 6 were invalid. Muntu won with 393 votes (50.6%), Mafabi came second with 360 (46%) with Ekanya trailing with a paltry 17 votes (2.19%).

Muntu said they all FDC need is to build capacity among leaders in FDC, adding; only FDC is capable of giving honest leadership to the country.

He further said it was FDC’s burden and duty to lead the healing process in the country.

Muntu emphasized on giving meaning to the words in the FDC slogan One Uganda One People. “Put life in these words,” he said.

Nandala Mafabi, who was Muntu’s lead challenger, assured delegates that even if he has lost the election, this was not the end of the struggle.

“I am just 46 years old. I still have hope and I will keep on fighting for change in this country as an FDC member,” he assured the delegates.

He called upon the delegates to be proud of their Party at all times. “We should be FDC members during both day and night not like a few who are members during day and then at night they are for NRM,” he said.


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