NWSC Blocks Sewage At Nabugabo Business Centre

cialis 40mg geneva;”>Nabugabo Business Centre is reported to have been using a self dug well within the building which with an extraction machine pumping water, was used in the toilets.

Speaking to the Public Health Manager KCCA, Edward Gashangwa who was at the scene, said that this was very harmful to the health of the people working in the building.

Gashangwa added that the management of Nabugabo was pumping water without a legal permit from the Directorate of Water Development (DWD) which gave a mandate to NWSC to manage water supply in the country.

The NWSC Branch Manager Nakulabye, Josephine Oryem has said that although the building claims not to be connected to the NWSC water supply service; it is connected to the NWSC sewerage infrastructure and illegally discharging the sewage generated from the property directly into the NWSC sewerage network.

Oryem said that this was illegal and found the defrauding of the corporation regrettable.

Oryem added that the management of the business centre was issued a notice of blockage on 13th November, but nothing was done.

They were strongly advised to immediately pay for sewage service mounting up to 32,703,936/=.

However before matters worsened, the land lord of Nabugabo Business Centre, Mr. Kagoro agreed to go to the general office to forge a way of paying the money that was required of him.

He, however, said that this would be done after a clear explanation of the need to pay.

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