Bwanika Calls Upon Donors To Help Uganda Fight Corruption


sickness http://chirofitroseville.com/wp-admin/includes/revision.php geneva;”>Bwanika said that Uganda needs help and cooperation from international bodies and foreign governments in fighting trans-border corruption involving Ugandans.

decease geneva;”>“Reports indicating Uganda’s corruption money in foreign banks are available: Foreign governments should cooperate while our government should be due bound to provide the necessary information.” He added.

unhealthy geneva;”>Bwanika added that the government of Uganda must demonstrate serious commitment to fighting corruption before the ban on donor money is lifted.

He further stated that donors should continue pressing the Ugandan government on issues of accountability and transparency as a requirement for funding and budget support.

“Donors should establish assessment criteria on corruption to include the need for government to prosecute all key major cases on grand corruption and the refund of all monies.” Bwanika added.

He has however appreciated the steps taken by some development partners in the fight against corruption and has called upon the public to understand and bear its cost.


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