HOW IT HAPPENED: Gen Muntu Wins FDC presidency


sales geneva;”>here geneva; font-size: x-small;”>13:30:site geneva;”> It’s now time for Geoffrey Ekanya to woo delegates for the party’s presidency

Ekanya says FDC should be run like a cooperative where all are stakeholders and reprimanded if they don’t deliver.

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However, he expresses pain at reports that a member on the disciplinary committee campaigned for one the candidates.

He calls for discipline in the party.

While Muntu describes himself as a patriot and Mafabi a “villager,” Ekanya says he’s great musician and dancer

Ekanya tells delegates now is the time to “stand up and be counted” and also reflect on why they joined FDC.

13: 00: Mafabi says FDC need a hands-on leader who will change FDC. It’s time for change. Tick change and see village boy.

Mafabi says FDC policies and ideologies needs to reach the people at grass root level, a challenge he is willing to take as a village to reach them.

He promises to build party structures, enforce party discipline and mobilize funds to run party activities.

Mafabi says there are generals in all corners of the country, including himself- a “general of mobilization”

The Leader of opposition in Parliament further states that stamping out corruption in the country necessitates building and strengthening of party structures

It’s now time for Geoffrey Ekanya to woo delegates for the party’s presidency

12:20: Candidates take to the podium.

Gen Muntu urges Mafabi and Ekanya to be receptive of the outcome of the election, adding they should be “people with a cause for the party.”

He hails Col Besigye for risking his life on a daily basis to fight for the rights of Ugandans.

“Your rights have been violated but you have remained firm and principled. I am honoured to have worked with Besigye for 30 years,” says Muntu.

He acknowledges it is hard to fight for democracy in a country like Uganda, adding whoever emerges victorious must be equal to the task.

He decries state of health services in the country, emphasizing that many people continue dying of malaria.

Muntu maintains that “political transition” is going to be hard, adding, the “hope” is the only chance which FDC will rely on to help people out of poverty.

“Today, a decision is going to be made. But people should not mix emotion with what they decide. The winning strategy is to shift support from NRM to FDC,” says Muntu.

He further notes there is need for a strong party like FDC to stand firmly behind him to change Uganda.

Muntu cited his experience in regional politics and exposure, which said has been designed to fit in the equation of changing Uganda for the better.

He also notes that during the campaign, some individual have acted in a way that the end justifies the means even if the means are unfair.

But, says Muntu, the process is as important as the outcome.

“FDC needs to choose which method.”

11:30: FDC Secretary General Alice Alaso briefs delegates on by-election results, party property and internal discipline.

She says the party so broke to afford even administrators at office, urging new leader must mobilize for ample resources to fund the party’s operations.

Alaso says the Deepening Democracy Programme (DDP) no longer supports their activities due to pressure from government.

After the roll call, delegates go for break tea.

Mayor Erias Lukwago is also in attendance.

11:00: In his speech, Col Besigye says some party leaders have died, others surrendered or succumbed to state oppression, adding, leaders never quit and quitters never win.

Besigye says he is “very happy” to be handing over FDC leadership to a new leader

Besigye honours departed “strong leaders who sacrificed their all” for FDC including former party chairman Suleiman Kiggundu.

10:15: Rumours of bribery in FDC elections spreading like wild fire. Delegates reportedly bribed in the wee hours of Thursday.

The mood at Namboole remains tense. This appears to be the most expensive election in the party’s history. Delegates observe a moment of silence to honour their colleagues who have died in struggle

09:45: Kitgum MP Beatrice Anywar speaks to Chimp Corp Anita Ashaba: “Muntu will win because he is an honest person, team player and respects everyone.”
MP Anywar further says opinion polls have consistently showed Muntu as the “most eligible” candidate who is “calm and listens to all.”

She says Muntu is the only man who can unite a fragmented nation and pull new party supporters, adding, Mafabi will lose the election because he is “individualistic” and “incapable of uniting a divided nation.” She adds: “Mafabi only thinks about himself

MP Anywar concludes: “I am sure Muntu will win. One Uganda One General”

09:30: Gen Muntu’s arrival at Namboole where FDC presidential elections will be held has excited delegates.

08:30: FDC delegates have queued outside Mandela National stadium main gate. Party Electoral officials cross check their names before accessing voting venue.

Chimp Corp Anita Ashaba reports live from Namboole. “There is heavy deployment of police and delegates being checked “thoroughly”


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