Kabila, Kagame Faceoff At State House As M23 Threaten To Seize Kinshasha

ailment geneva;”>The ceremony, discount characterized by wild jubilations on the part of M23 at Goma stadium, saw senior rebel leaders announcing plans to march to Bukavu town where they will launch a fresh attack on DRC Capital Kinshasha to topple President Joseph Kabila.

“I would like to assure the revolutionary forces that the great journey to liberate Congo has started now. We are neither retreating nor surrendering to FARDC,” said M23 publicist, Vianney Kazarama.

“We are determined more than ever before to march to Bukavu and then to Kinshasa. Are you ready to embrace this great struggle of liberation?” said Kazarama as thousands of rebels chanted: “Yes, we are ready.”

Armed with heavy weapons, M23 rebels yesterday swiftly moved into Goma and captured the airport before marching on the streets of the Provincial town without any resistance from UN peacekeepers or DRC forces.

The disappointing performance of the Congolese forces shocked the world, with Kabila’s countrymen taking to the streets in violent protests.

Security services restrained the enraged protestors from storming the Rwanda and Uganda embassies in Kinshasha.

DRC has been accusing her neighbours of supporting the rebels, allegations Kigali and Kampala vehemently deny.

Threats to capture Kinshasha and a breakdown in regional diplomacy have fuelled fears of a possible regional war.

President Joseph Kabila and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame spent at least two hours at State House, Entebbe on Tuesday night in a special meeting aimed at diffusing the tension that has gripped the region following deadly rebel attacks on Goma.

Impeccable sources say Kagame expressed his disappointment with DRC’s failure to restrain some army Generals who are arming the Rwanda FDLR rebels hiding in Eastern Congo.

He reportedly described as “unacceptable,” adding, Rwanda would take “all necessary” measures to protect her people.

Kagame further denied backing the rebels, saying they were picking arms from the fleeing DRC soldiers.

He welcomed plans to encourage M23 not to advance to any other town, including Kinshasha.

During the meeting, it has emerged, Museveni reiterated that a military solution against rebels by DRC was bound to backfire and would “create problems for all our economies.”

Earlier, Kabila’s government was accused of conniving with UN ‘experts’ to leak a report that pinned Rwanda and Uganda in supporting M23, a matter that paralysed relations between the three countries.

On his part, Kabila said he would hold peace talks with rebels if they stopped their “aggression” and “respected our sovereignty.”

The United Nations has condemned the rebels’ “aggression” while the Security Council will review the mandate of the U.N. peacekeeping force in Congo, MONUSCO, today with the view to increase the number of troops from 19,100 to 22,200.


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