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Goma Finally Falls To M23

troche http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-fdea24ee36f2a6fb0053391d6bb12d24.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Sources tell Chimpreports residents in several towns including Birere are celebrating the arrival of M23.

order http://cloud.ca/wp-admin/includes/deprecated.php geneva;”>Hundreds of government forces have been captured and made prisoners of war following days of intense fighting with the rebels.

adiposity http://coastalperiodontics.com.au/wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/includes/upload.php geneva;”>13:00: News that rebels have captured Goma airport spark student protests in Kisangani and Kinshasha.

Students are expressing their anger at President Joseph Kabila’s failure to contain the advance of rebels.

Since last night, DRC forces have been fighting hard to wrestle control of Goma airport from the well-armed and advancing rebels.

10:00: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Joseph Kabila is strangely silent as intense fighting between M23 rebels and government forces rages on in Goma, the Kivu provincial town, Goma.

Chimpreports has established that MONUSCO helicopters have been evacuated to Bukavu, a capital of South Kivu which is considered safe since war broke out a fortnight ago.

But United Nations has made it clear only a few support staff will leave Goma while tanks and soldiers will continue reinforcing government forces to ensure Goma does not completely fall in the hands of the rebels.

M23 on Monday moved from Ngangi before smashing through forests neighbouring Goma Airport which they claimed to have captured after a severe battle.

They have also described as “unverified, treacherous,” allegations that Congolese in Goma are worried about their presence in their city.

The rebels, in a communication to Chimpreports, say FARDC have been reorganizing troops and heavy equipment to attack their positions.

Kinshasha last night defied a rebel ultimatum, requiring government forces to vacate Goma.

Impeccable sources say M23 is privy to crucial military intelligence regarding the operational plans of FARDC, making it nearly impossible for government troops to defeat the rebels.

It remains unclear why Kabila has remained quiet at a critical time when he is expected to explain the difficulties his country is facing to the world and also morale boost his troops against the rebel invasion.

The M23 have threatened to overthrow Kabila if he does not facilitate the reopening of Bunagana border closed by Uganda at the request of Kinshasha.

Rally in Kisangani has gone bad. PPRD office was arsoned and people are destroying it. PPRD is the acronym of Congolese president Kabila’s political party. The rally was initiated by university students to denounce M23 rebels’ taking of Goma and the silence of the Congolese government. The Congolese police is now firing bullets at the protesters.

Photo by Kambale Musavuli

Meanwhile, United States has thrown its support behind DRC in its efforts “to repel the M23’s offensive and secure towns under threat.”

US Special Envoy to United Nations, Susan Rice, also commended MONUSCO and FARDC “resolve” to secure Goma.

“The United Nations Security Council should urgently consider sanctions against more M23 commanders. We are reviewing the possibility of more U.S. sanctions as well,” said Rice on Twitter.

Riche said she was “appalled by renewal of M23’s military campaign in DRC,” adding, “The violence must end now.”

She further stated M23 leaders must be held accountable for their atrocities.


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