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Kagame To Cadets: You Are Rwanda’s Guardian

check http://cotro.com/wp-admin/includes/class-file-upload-upgrader.php geneva; font-size: small;”>He first inspected the cadets’ parade at Gako Military Parade before opening a new building.

seek http://celstec.biz/wp-includes/compat.php geneva; font-size: small;”>In his speech, http://compraresenzaricettaonline.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-posts-list-table.php Kagame men and women in uniform, together with Rwandans, have played a crucial role in laying foundation of progress the country has made.

“Rwandans look up to you as a source of protection, inspiration and leadership. This places a heavy responsibility on you to embody Rwanda’s core values and principles,” observed Kagame.

“You have just taken an oath as new members of the RDF officer corps. That oath should not be taken lightly,” he added.

Kagame told the cadets that their role was “beyond Rwanda.”

“Your role is to build our continent and protect the dignity of our nation.”

“I have no doubt you have what it takes to fulfill your duty and serve your country in a patriotic manner. Officers must build on our culture of building our country and our continent Africa starting with East African Community,” said Kagame.

He urged the cadets to demonstrate high standards and set best example in personal and professional role.

“You are now officers and leaders. You will be leading at home or abroad, at war or in peace. You must continue as guarantor of the peace and security that is crucial for Rwanda’s continued progress. The people of Rwanda expect you to combine values of courage and honor with discipline Rwanda,” Kagame emphasized.

“I congratulate you on completing such a rigorous training, pleased to welcome you into Rwanda Defense Force officer corps.”

President Kagame under powers given by the law declared all 308 cadets present were officially 2nd Lieutenant Officers.

Of the graduating cadets, 27 were women.

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