Erectile Dysfunction: Every Man’s Nightmare


cheapest geneva;”>For two years now he has not been able to perform his marital duties regularly and effectively and his marriage is in danger as his wife threatens to quit.

Lwanga is not alone and many men are suffering silently.

Research shows that impotence also known as an erectile dysfunction affects 1 in 10 of male patients. Although it is treatable only 10% of all patients experiencing this problem have requested medical assistance.

Erectile dysfunction is the persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to have sexual intercourse however Impotence is not the same as the reduction or loss of sexual desire thus it refers to the inability to use the penis for intercourse even if the desire and opportunity are present. This inability is usually the only symptom of this condition.

The leading factors that trigger erectile dysfunction can be physical, psychological or both.

Psychological factors generally are responsible for erectile dysfunction among young people.

The most common psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are stress and performance anxiety.

Other factors such as marital conflict, depression may be responsible.

When men age the causes of erectile dysfunction are most likely of organic nature and disorders such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, vascular disease (either blocked arteries or obstructed penis valves), spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis or hormonal disorders are responsible for most cases of erectile dysfunction.

The use of drugs can also cause the appearance of erectile dysfunction and the common drugs that are known to cause impotence are antihypertensive drugs and psychoactive antidepressants.

Other factors that trigger erectile dysfunction are smoking and alcohol consumption.

The diagnosis of impotence can be done by the physician after performing specific tests and one should consult a doctor for further guidance.

The type of treatment recommended will depend on the cause of impotence.

There are two options one being the psychological treatment and the other being medication. Men whose impotence is caused by hormone deficiencies may receive synthetic hormones.

In some cases vascular surgery may be necessary to help increase penile blood flow.

If the impotence is caused by some psychological causes couple therapy can very useful.


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