Mbabazi: Gov’t Will “Move On” Despite Aid Cuts


viagra approved ambulance sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;”>Britain’s international development department commonly known as DFID said in a statement Friday it was suspending all development assistance immediately “as a result of initial evidence” from an ongoing audit.

pill sans-serif; color: #333333; background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: initial initial;”>“Unless the government of Uganda can show that UK taxpayers’ money is going towards helping the poorest people lift themselves out of poverty, health this aid will remain frozen.”

Britain intended to give £27m (about $42m) to Uganda this year.

Britain joined Ireland, Denmark and Sweden in slashing aid following an Auditor General’s report indicating donor support funds in the PRDP basket had been swindled by office of the Prime Minister (OPM) Principal Accountant, Geoffrey Kazinda in connivance with officials at the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance.

Speaking in an interactive Twitter session on Sunday, Mbabazi said: “The NRM in 1986 run Uganda with no aid apart from missiles from Libya. So, yes aid cuts will have to affect us but we must move on.”

He admitted the people of Karamoja would bear the brunt of the decision of western countries, adding the “economy will suffer.”

Mbabazi emphasized that much as Uganda “appreciates” the donors’ support that contributes 25% to the national budget, “If they choose to go now it’s their choice.”

“To lose their (donor) support, it is a big cut. I hope the decision by European donor countries to withhold aid would be revised in light of counter measures taken against corruption.”

He emphasized that in case donor support is not re-instated, government would be compelled to “restructure and use our own resources” in pushing the country’s development projects.

The Parliament Accounts Committee (PAC) has for the last week been grilling officials in the Finance Ministry and Bank of Uganda over the loss of Shs20bn stolen from OPM.

Commenting on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill which Speaker Rebecca Kadaga promised to pass before Christmas, Mbabazi said donors are “publicly not happy” about the law.

“Expressing views on homosexuality is a right of Ugandans and Hon. David Bahati who proposed the Bill was simply expressing his views,” said Mbabazi, in what appears as a veiled attack against the west that claims to promote democracy.


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