Kayihura: Cops To Get Medical Insurance, Modern Residential Apartments


physician geneva; font-size: small;”>“The decision of Police Council to disconnect people who are illegally connected to Police power lines was not properly implemented, decease they first had to communicate to you before disconnecting power, I want to apologize to you for that,” Kayihura said on Saturday while meeting spouses of Police Officers at Naguru.

Kayihura who has been away attending an Interpol meeting in Italy jetted in on Friday before calling for the meeting to listen to their grievances.

He informed them that the Police Council took a decision to improve the Welfare of Officers by reducing the huge bills that the Force had accumulated as a result of illegal connection and misuse of electricity by officers themselves.

Police Council is the highest decision making organ of the Force.

He added that people who live near Police barracks are illegally connected to Police power lines.

“We want to make sure that what is meant for Police goes to Police and not to other people who live near the barracks,” said Kayihura.

“The implementation was wrong they should have involved you before disconnecting [power].”

He said Naguru barracks is very special since it’s going to house the Police headquarters, Regional Forensic Laboratory for East Africa, Police Hospital and currently accommodating over 7,000 families.

“This is going to be the heart of Police. I cannot risk the security of headquarters, Laboratory, and your security. I am now taking over the administration of this whole complex,” said Gen. Kayihura.

He further noted that every weekend he will be having a family day with officers at Naguru where he will listen to their concerns.

The IGP added that with the support from Iran, Police is about to complete the construction of a modern hospital at Naguru to cater for staffs and their families.

He said that a medical insurance scheme is also on the pipeline.

In his remarks the IGP said that the biggest expenditure of Officers in Kampala is on food. He said that the Directorate of Welfare and Duty Free Shop will soon open a super market in Kampala where food stuffs will be sold to officers at a subsidized price.

The IGP listened to the women’s grievances which ranged from failure to promote their partners, lack of proper accommodation, husbands being deployed in far areas and yet they have to fulfill marital obligations, lack of income generating activities, low pay for their spouses, and others.

Gen. Kayihura said that with the Private Public Partnership, the Force will construct 7,030 apartments for Kampala Metropolitan Police.

He encouraged officers to take the advantage of Duty Free Shop to buy building materials which at a factory price to construct for themselves houses.

He ordered for the creation of Education Department to handle matters related to education of Officers’ children and how to get affordable education.

He later toured the ongoing construction works of the new Police Building and the barrack to witness for himself the living conditions of his men.


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