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M23 President Sounds War Drums As Rebels Pound Goma


this http://coogomezplata.com/consultas/includes_para_consultas/salidaautomatica.php geneva;”>Fighting broke out in the wee hours of Thursday, http://cotro.com/wp-admin/includes/continents-cities.php just a day after the United Nations slapped sanctions and froze assets belonging to Gen Sultan Makenga, the M23 military commander.

Military operations especially in Kibumba are being coordinated by Col Jean Claude, sources told Chimpreports.

Uganda’s decision to close Bunagana due to pressure from DRC reportedly infuriated the rebels who believe this was aimed at starving the Congolese who benefit from cross border trade.

“DRC intends to starve Congolese in Bunagana so that the affected people can rise up in arms against the rebels. This is why the M23 have decided to take the war to Goma. Their plan is to seize this strategic town before dawn,” said a source.

In a statement issued on Thursday evening, the Political Directorate of the March 23 Movement said “since the morning of Thursday, November 15, 2012, at around 7am, government forces launched a major offensive against our positions located in the town of Rugari, 30 km north of the city of Goma.”

M23 President, Bishop Jean-marie Runiga, said “many troops backed by armored units of government forces stormed several of our positions in this locality,” which compelled them to fire back as a defensive measure.

“The command of the Congolese Revolutionary Army (new name for M23) was clearly instructed by the Political Movement of 23 March to respond vigorously to the attacks of the enemy and push as far as possible, which is presently outstanding,” said Runiga.

He maintained that “current developments on the front line” should not surprise anyone considering that on November 9, the Governor of North Kivu threatened to “crush the forces of M23 if they do not disarm in 14 days.”

On the night of November 9 to 10, says Runiga, coalition government forces and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) led attacks against their positions

Of Mabenga and Kitagoma, killing 10 people and wounding 20.

During a press conference at his home on Tuesday, observed Runiga, the governor of North Kivu said the Kinshasa government’s intention was to make the immediate arrest of the officers of M23 and deliver them in a “rehabilitation center of its remaining military.”

He contends that on the evening of November 14, heavy equipment and government forces were being deployed on the front line especially in Kibumba, with the support of FDLR elements.

DRC accuses Uganda and Rwanda of fomenting the rebellion in Eastern Congo, allegations the two countries have vehemently denied.


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