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Corruption Is Worse Than Terrorism: Lodoko

sick http://chagoscantina.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ms-sites-list-table.php geneva; font-size: small;”>“Corruption is worse than terrorism because with terrorism a few people may be affected but corruption kills millions especially through insufficient health services, cialis 40mg http://choladathaicuisine.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/enhanced-distribution.php ” said Lokodo.

He said this today Thursday while addressing journalists at Uganda Media Centre.

“Corruption in Uganda has become an acceptable norm and indeed a vast industry. Unfortunately this industry is only benefiting a few individuals but with very serious effects on the majority of the people of Uganda,” he added.

Lokodo said this with regard to the current allegations of misappropriation of funds under the Office of the Prime minister. A report was produced indicating that the fraudulent transfer of Shs 20,171,576,247 meant for the Peace Recovery and Development Programme from the Budget support accounts to the off budget project account of Crisis Management Project and subsequent utilization without approved work plans authority.

Also there was diversion of additional Shs. 18,119,697,630 meant for Peace Recovery and Development Programme activities to National Policy Disaster Management and PRDP North Accounts without any availed authority.

There was fraudulent payments of Shs. 16,222,877,129 by the Principal Accountant of OPM to staff, other accounts in OPM, Private companies, Centenary Bank and District accounts using responsibility that was fraudulently obtained from an officer of the Treasury.

Payments for a total of Shs. 13,454,035,346 from OPM accounts appearing to have signatures of the Permanent Secretary and under secretary differing from the Specimen signatures held by Bank of Uganda.

Lokodo said that the Government intends to investigate until they reach the bone marrow of the matter. “We have lost an amount totaling to Shs 38.3 billion because of these people abusing their offices,” he said.

He added that NRM Government in 1986 inherited a country characterized by political unrest, human rights abuses, state inspired violence, economic mismanagement and gross corruption. And to address these evils, it embarked on undertaking numerous structural, economic, political, administrative and legal reforms aimed at restoring good governance.

“The Government has established institutions to fight corruption like IGG, DPP, CID, URA and Auditor General and ensure there is law and order in the country.

Lokodo emphasized on the devastating effects of corruption like impeding democracy and rule of law, reducing interest of political participation, depletion of national wealth, increase of costs of goods and services, diversion and misallocation of resources, conversion of public wealth to private and personal property, inflation, increased poverty, social inequality, lack of basic needs like food, drugs and water, insecurity, hindering development and creating social unrest.


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