Odinga To Plant Tree At Pan African Square In Kampala


side effects visit geneva;”>Chimp Corps have established that EAA will reward Odinga for his outstanding Educational contribution to the development of Africa.

ed geneva;”>On the same day, the Kenya Presidential hopeful will plant a tree at the Pan African square in memory of all African leaders whose nobility is still being remembered from generation to generation .

The awards were launched on November 9 2010 by President Yoweri Museveni who was represented by Sports Minister Charles Bakkabulindi.

“Since the values espoused by Edutainment Africa Awards are what you earnestly stand for, we hope that you can have time to come and grace this noble awards ceremony on Saturday 1st December (World Aids Day) 2012 at 7pm at The Kampala Serena Hotel Victoria Hall,” EAA patron Elly Karuhanga wrote to Odinga early this year.

“It is our joy to celebrate achievements of nobility with you through Edutainment Africa Awards. We hope that, on Edutainment Africa’s behalf, you may also encourage other members in your noble circle of influence to attend the event,” the letter, dated June 6, adds.

For one to qualify for this award, individuals and causes with noble achievements may be nominated for consideration for the awards via mobile phones by typing EAA, space, the person or cause and sending the message to 8008.

Edutainment Africa Awards is a prestigious annual educative and entertaining award ceremony.

The Award is meant to appreciate the noble people who have fashioned and oriented their lives for the development of Africa.

According to awards chairman Beecham David Okwere, the Edutainment Africa Awards 2012 seek to reward and promote good values through everyday assignments and entertainment – the most cherished means of communication.

“EAA’s Mission is to contribute to the education of individuals – young and old, through a value-based system that relies on self-driven nobility, creative art and positive entertainment where individuals are empowered to play a constructive role in society thus helping to build a better Africa and the world,” said Okwere.

“We also aim at promoting artistic and developmental nobility from all socially beneficial sectors of society, giving individuals, artistes and their works international exposure and recognition, and contributing to the education and positive living of all individuals through a balanced marriage of education and entertainment thereby building a better Africa and the world,” he further noted.

The Awards Categories

All persons in the community who have made a difference in the lives of others through causes, art, or music will be rewarded through specific categories.

The Best Edutainment Music category recognizes nobly crafted works of music regardless of the genre that not only entertain, but also positively educate.

The quality of production is a paramount determinant.

The Best Edutainment Audio or Visual Producer category recognizes producers of nobly crafted audio or video works that not only entertain, but also positively educate.

Others are Best Edutainment Dance Group, Best HIV/ AIDS Program, Best Drug Addiction Control Program, Best Corruption Control Program, Best Poverty Control Program, Best Edutainment Actor or Theatre, Best Edutainment Radio Station Program, Best Edutainment Newspaper Write-up, Best Edutainment Sports Program and Best Edutainment Art/Fashion/Design.

Other categories are Best Edutainment Television Program, Best Edutainment Leadership/Leadership Program and lastly Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding senior citizens who have greatly inspired the young generation to desire for positive change and a better life.

“These individuals should display evidence of a track record of responsible citizenry, hard work, plus great sacrifice and service towards nation building in Africa,” said Okware.

Recently, Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki was honoured with a doctorate at Makerere for his contribution to the education sector in Africa.


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