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EXCLUSIVE: Dora Byamukama “Ghost” Conning Facebook Users

side effects http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-5f93f8c3f56a9778f807410e8fc06b75.php geneva;”>A Chimp undercover Corp on Tuesday busted the conman who forged a Facebook profile for Byamukama specifically for conning.

site geneva;”>The incident raises fears of increased cyber crime cases in the country.

It has emerged these conmen are so shrewd and target top personalities whom they are sure have the money they need.

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi recently said government was investing heavily in protecting the country’s crucial internet infrastructure to block criminal elements from disrupting business and invading Ugandans’ privacy.

Speaking at the third annual ISACA Information Security Workshop held at Kampala Protea Hotel, Kampala in August under the theme Delivering Sustainable Business Growth Through Tangible Information Strategies, Mbabazi said investment in information technology was one of the methods of spurring national development.

He maintained government would partner with the private sector, civil society and development partners to uphold information security systems and curb the rise in cyber attacks.

The Premier acknowledged that if government hesitated in expeditiously embracing national security programs, the country would be subjected to attacks by criminals thus leading to cyber warfare and terrorism.

Measures taken would include facilitation of data protection mechanisms, enforcing Computer Misuse Act, enacting more laws, training highly skilled personnel in ICT, massive awareness campaigns and taking initiatives to help in building capacity to deal with ICT risks.

Had our Undercover Corp been gullible, he would have lost lots of money.

Below is a Tuesday Facebook chat with our undercover Corp (UC) and (DR), the conman under Dora Byamukama’s name, starting 11:09am

DR: Hello:

UC: Hello

DR: how are you today?

UC: very fine how are you?

DR: Good

UC: You in Uganda?

DR: no in Arusha. Where are you currently?

UC: Kampala. How is EALA?

DR: EALA’s fine. I will be traveling to Uganda next week

UC: Do u mind an interview? What’s your number?

DR: +256 772 026 894, however I’m not on international roaming at the moment, but my line will be on next week when I arrive.

UC: (Tries to find out whether this person is informed about the recent developments at EALA). It will be great having your thoughts on key national issues. What’s the latest at EALA? I heard FDC pulled out of the case ….

DR: (Tactfully doges the question) Well, I would like to get deeper into that issue at the moment, hope you understand, its better when we are face to face dear. I don’t want to be misquoted.

UC: Yeah, that will be nice.

DR: (Now now the serpent plans to strike): let me have your current contacts as well please.

UC: (Tries to be so friendly and responsive to demands). 0712******. But i will be in Rwanda from Sunday to Tuesday night this week? Expecting to fly back on Tuesday night

DR: (Panics, fearing he needs to lay trap as soon as possible). This week?

UC: Yes, this Sunday

DR: (Conman now tries to create an aura of importance). Ok. I will be in Uganda next week Thursday. I will keep in touch

UC: That will be great. I would like to ask some good questions. A lot remains untold following the EALA drama.

DR: (Strikes): I understand. By the way, let me know if you can do this for me from there in Uganda please

UC: Yes

DR: I need to assist Opio Walter a student I sponsor in Butisema University, who needs to register for his Practical exams urgently.

I have been trying to send him some money for the Registration fees and upkeep, but I am a far area in Arusha right now and can’t access any Western Union outlet.

Can you help me and send it to him through Local Mobile Money Transfer from there and I give you the refund when I am in Uganda next week please?

UC: Are you the real Dora? You must be a conman!

DR: Chat signs out!

Have you ever fallen victim to such unscrupulous online conmen?


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