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Senior Commissioner Traffic Embraces Accident Free Festive Season

erectile geneva; color: #222222; font-size: small;”>“ We are embracing the accident free festive season. We plan to put stickers on all public vehicles reading that; Report Bad Driving. These stickers will also bare toll free Telephone numbers which passengers will call to report any bad driving, information pills said Kasiima.

“We pledge to work with whoever comes up to work with us to save lives,” he added.

Kasiima emphasized that accidents affect all road users, be it rich or poor, politicians or not, therefore its ones responsibility to address the problem.
“Badges are going to be given out to verified drivers and those who caused fatal accidents and in records will not be given stickers for PSV,” he said.

The commissioner added that drivers under the age of 25 years will not be given stickers to drive Passengers. “The Policy also includes Motor cyclists/ Boda boda riders, because they also carry passengers and get license from the Ministry of Works”.

He said that this campaign will help to awaken the public on road accidents this coming season. “The policy is to start with Buses and then down to Kamunyes,” he added.

He said that in the new campaign, they will use songs on radio and TV stations every morning to carryout the meaning like the song of Afrigo band ‘Speed Kendezako’ which is yet to start.

Kasiima said that much more emphasis will be put on highways, and traffic still warns all those operating driving schools to register.”Currently, only five driving schools are known in my office and these are, IDA, AAU, Rudisha, Prestige driving school and Ddembe,” he added.
In relation to the above, Fred Mpanga, the Executive Director of Yes We Can Alliance said that their focus is to start with scholars, formulate road safety clubs in schools and also form community outreach projects to sensitize the public on how to use the roads.

Yes We Can NGO was started in 2008.

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