FDC Presidential Candidates To Face Off In Historic TV debate


here geneva; font-size: small;”>“We plan to have a live debate of the three candidates this week which will be sponsored by the Civil Society Organization of Uganda, about it ” said Mugarura.

Chimp Political Corps say the debate will be the first of its kind in the country’s political history.

Uganda has not even seen debates for national presidential candidates.

But Mugarura said the move is intended to solidify FDC’s position as the “only party in Uganda which is democratic and practices democracy.”

Mugarura did not reveal more details of the planned debate but told journalists at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Kampala on Monday that he would soon provide necessary communication in the near future.

He also denied the allegations that FDC is too broke to organise the party presidential elections slated for November 22.

“This is a grand process, not just an event and ever since this year begun, we have been planning for these elections. So we have enough money to carry on through this process,” he said.

He told journalists that the names of the voters will be pinned at the Party Headquarters notice board this afternoon so that people can identify elegible voters and ghosts.

Mugarura also assured the press that this campaign exercise had been going on well which has also helped to mobilize and recruit new mebers for the party.

“With any competition, everyone tries to bring out their best and depict the worst in their competitors,” he said, in reponse to rumours that the presidential candidates have since been engaged in a cold war.

“Competition tends to raise adrenaline and sometimes unfortunate or hateful comments are said but there is no problem among our candidates,” emphasized Mugarura.


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