Rebel Leader, Col Mande, Presses For Protests In Uganda

buy information pills geneva; font-size: small;”>Col Samson Mande, and the commander of the annihilated People’s Redemption Army (PRA), on Sunday posted a statement on his Facebook wall, appealing for an “urgent action call to all concerned Ugandans” to “get involved and demand for strong action on corruption now.”

“It is time to see how many NRM members are zero tolerant to corruption. The opportunity to prove yourselves is here,” the statement read in part.

“Please join the National Anti-Corruption Protest mourning days starting 12th – 14th November 2012 as we reaffirm our resolve to demand for Strong Action on Corruption.”

Mande “strongly demanded” that all politicians and technocrats named in theft and loot scandals that have cost Ugandans their lives must “resign and face the due process of the law as regards the crimes of abuse of office, misuse of public funds and treason.”

He further noted that “all monies lost must be recovered and returned to the national treasury.”

The statement comes against the backdrop of a sharp public outcry over the alleged swindling of over Shs20bn by Office of the Prime Minister Principal Accountant Geoffrey Kazinda and officials in the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank.

Western donors have subsequently suspended aid till they are satisfied with steps taken by government to combat graft.

This is the first time Mande, who resides in Sweden is calling for protests after PRA was neutralized by military intelligence personnel commanded by Brig James Mugira and fallen CMI boss Brig Noble Mayombo.

While Mande lacks any tangible significance in the internal politics of the country, security have been investigating reports that he has been in close ties with militia groups in Democratic Republic of Congo to destabilize Uganda.

He has as well been attending opposition conferences in Sweden, at one time hinting on “fighting Museveni” in the not-too-distant future.

According to Mande, Ugandans are urged to join the protests by “WEARING BLACK TO WORK.”

“Wear black clothes to work between 12-14th in loving memory of Ugandans who have lost their lives because of the greed, theft, looting and stealing by their fellow countrymen and women. We will also be symbolically mourning the death of Patriotism and honesty in our leadership,” said Mande.

“We appeal to all NGOs in the Country who are disappointed by the level of theft to close down between 12-14th November 2012 to show their dissatisfaction with a government that has neglected its duty to provide services to its citizens in preference of protecting thieves and robbers by closing office for three days,” he said.

“Be sure to have a banner at the gate stating that you are closed because you are fed up of theft, loot and outright vandalism of the National treasury. Also be sure to display an Anti corruption message in the most visible part of the organization.”

Uganda Police have in the past clashed with opposition activists during political protests.


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