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Fury As Rwanda Blocks Australia Senator Visit

about it stomach http://demo.des.net.id/sejahteraabadi/wp-includes/l10n.php geneva;”>Australia former Senator, http://clockdodgers.com/wp-content/plugins/siteorigin-panels/siteorigin-panels.php Bob Brown’s travel visa was revoked on Sunday ahead of a planned Monday trip “to offer international support” for the new opposition political organization – Democratic Green Party.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Rwanda said reports of Brown being “banned from Rwanda” are without any basis in fact.

“Approval of Mr Brown’s visa application was withheld because the claim in his application not to have visited Rwanda previously appears to contradict records held by Rwandan immigration authorities,” the statement read in part.

“Like any country, Rwanda takes the provision of false information on visa applications seriously.”

Interestingly, Dr Brown, according to Australia media, said the incident “was further evidence that the government of Rwandan President Paul Kagame was restricting democracy and crushing political opposition.”

“The government doesn’t really want me in the country as a person who comes from a functioning democracy,” Brown was quoted as saying.

However, Rwanda says “at no point did Mr Brown’s current or past political affiliations comes into consideration, nor were they even known to the officials who processed his application.”

“Indeed, we note that Australia bans individuals from entering their country for three years when inaccurate information is provided in such documents.”

The Democratic Green Party leader, Frank Habineza, recently returned from self-imposed exile and has been holding press conferences in Kigali to brief Rwandans on his organisation’s plans for the country if they voted it into power.

The incident is likely to strain relations between Australia politicians, who are some of the key funders of opposition activities in Rwanda, and the Kigali government.

Nevertheless, Rwanda says, “since there is the possibility of clerical error, authorities continue to examine the case and no final decision has been made by the immigration authorities regarding Mr Brown’s application.”


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