The Beginning Of The Fall of Pinnacle Tycoon Matsiko?

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salve geneva; font-size: small;”>In today’s Special Edition, http://cyancdesign.com/wp-includes-1212/theme.php we unveil the rise and possibly the beginning of the fall of ‘tycoon’ Moses Matsiko Baryamujura – considering that police is investigating circumstances under which he issued cheques worth Shs750m to a businessman which later bounced.

Born in western Uganda, Matsiko is a self-made businessman in his late thirties.

Formerly with Daily Monitor, Matsiko boasts a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and a Master’s degree in Security Management from Kent University.

In the late 1990s, Matsiko took off for greener pastures in United Kingdom and later surfaced in the United States– the land of opportunities.

Being a very intelligent and dream-chasing young man, Matsiko is said to have initiated contact with the US State Department which had several companies that were working on its behalf in Iraq.

Matsiko then had a stint at the Critical Mission Support services that is based in Tennessee and worked as a supervisor.

Later, he joined another firm that deals in explosive ordinance in the same state with also other opportunities at other companies that were affiliated to the security department.

However, it was his association with the blood-stained Water Tight security firm that he chanced on an opportunity to serve in various capacities on its behalf in Iraq.

It is during the executing of one of these missions in Iraq that Matsiko got injured and spent months in various hospitals both in Iraq and in the United States.

However, the sharp Matsiko was not done or let down by the injuries he had suffered.

While in hospital, he hatched up a master plan to come back to Uganda and set up a recruitment agency that would provide the much needed but cheaper guards from Uganda who would serve in Iraq.

Matsiko Touches Base

With his master plan and now a specialized Personal Security Detail officer, Matsiko headed back home around 2001 and with his contacts in Kampala met a top security personnel who is also linked to a top private security group that specializes in guarding VIPs and transporting huge sums of money with an aim of securing a job there.

However, luck was not on his side as the top security guy was not impressed with Matsiko and thus did not recruit him.

The undeterred Matsiko, with so many connections in US, opted to go back. Little did anyone know that the young and energetic fellow had fallen in bed with Askar Security Services where he had earlier worked as a lead consultant.

Matsiko sets Up Pinnacle Group

After working for Askar, Matsiko in 2003 started his Pinnacle group of companies which initially dealt in cleaning services.

Boasting a strong chain of contacts and friends plus the monies he had accumulated, Matsiko then branched into full time security management at events but later graduated into training and providing guards to various Water Tight agencies based in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With the trust he had gained, many more contracts started coming in and he later fully opened up Pinnacle Security who are known for their marine-like uniforms and fancy sunglasses.

Following the success story of Pinnacle, Matsiko also set up other security affiliated services like the K9 Dog section, the firefighting section and also not to be left out branched into his long lost love Media and Event management and transportation with offices in Muyenga and along Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero.

The Astute Businessman

Having realized that his businesses were growing at lightning speed, Matsiko soon realized that for him to further prosper he needed to streamline his group of companies by hiring experts to help him run the companies with minimal supervision since he had now graduated to flying out to seal deals almost twice a week.

On the onset, he hired a one Charles Van Der Perre as the General Manager, Richard Gordon as the Quality Assurance guru, Anzua Opio took on the operations mandate while Eric Ssemakula was charged with Security Personnel Consultancy section. They pushed the company to greater heights.

The love for luxury

With lots of money at his disposal and still being very young with an urge to enjoy the finest things in life, Matsiko started exhibiting unquenchable love for showbiz before going into overdrive by becoming a regular feature at top hangouts in town popping wine.

He later graduated into buying off posh houses in affluent Kampala suburbs on top of acquiring several multimillion prized cars like a 250m Mercedes Benz, a tundra and several Land Cruisers but to cup it all he purchased T1 club from one Herman Kassujja of the then hot Tommex Disco in August 2010.

It is with the acquiring of these investments that his weakness in handling cash was realized by his close friends and managers.

For starters, he purchased the club at an obscene price and held parties there on almost a daily basis.

It is said that he drowned revelers in all manna of drinks and bites until the manager then Apollo threw in the towel. He is believed to have also set up Hi Table Bar managed by Simon Rusoke as his proxy.

Watertight Iraq Troubles Hit Matsiko

With an investigation into the Watertight services in Iraq and Afghanistan, the once free flowing monies and deals he had with the company finally started drying up for they had stopped him from recruiting for them any more guards and to make matters worse more players had come into the business and were giving him a run for his money.

That aside, United States started pulling out troops from Iraq since Saddam had fallen.

Gone were the days when the man would walk with a swagger into the DFCU branch on Jinja Road bulk money section.

He even resorted to driving his low class company cars like surprisingly an ipsum. For those in the know, the writing was on the wall. Things had gotten from bad to worse.

Matsiko Dogged By Bounced Shs700M Cheques

Remember Chimpreports on Thursday evening broke the story that Matsiko was going through a grilling session at Jinja Road Police Station over bounced cheques that he issued to a business man one Ephraim Ntaganda.

According to Kampala Police Spokesman, Ibin Sekkunbi, the bounced cheques were issued to Ntaganda as payment for the land on which T1 club is located in which he had acquired a lease from the then owner one Erieza Kagwa in late 2011.

With his status and connections it is said that it finally took the intervention of the Kampala Metropolitan Police boss, Felix Kaweesi, who sat the two down and later Matsiko agreed that he would pay the money at an agreed date.

However, we hear that the talks will continue later as they agree to the terms and conditions of the loan repayment.

In case he defaults, Matsiko will follow in the footsteps of socialite Bad Black and Meddie Ssentongo who blew their fortune on fancy cars and in nightclubs before being sentenced to Luzira.

Matsiko is now staring down on a possible five-year jail term at Luzira or sell his remaining properties to raise over Shs700m in debts.


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