ACCOUNTABILITY: Lukwago Threatens “People’s Action” Against Musisi

cialis 40mg medicine geneva; color: #333333; font-size: small;”>Lukwago blasted Musisi for not providing accountability for funds received in the last quarter, adding such conduct has paralyzed works at the City Hall.

He said the directors were “messing up the authority with impunity simply because they have the backing of the president who is pushing them to behave the way they are behaving these days.”

The Mayor made the remarks at City Hall on Wednesday during a press conference.

“We are in the second quarter but despite frequent requests by the council for accountability of funds, Musisi has stubbornly turned a deaf ear,” said Lukwago.

“The Executive Director (ED) has rather resorted to boycotting council meetings not to mention refusing the Clerks and other directors from attending such important sessions,” he added.

Lukwago said that the ED is accountable to the council but due to a sense of self importance, she has decided to spend tax payers’ money without notice to the council.

Lukwago threatened to take “this matter to the court of the people who entrusted me with this power to decide Musisi’s fate.”

Musisi was not readily available for comment.

“I have never seen an institution where its operations, procurement, members of staff salaries and their spending are a classified matter like this of Jenifer Musisi!” exclaimed Lukwago.

Today’s Council meeting was adjourned to next Tuesday where the Lord Mayor has tasked every member to think of how to “bring Musisi to order.”

It should be remembered that last week a group of councilors agreed on working upon a petition asking President Yoweri Museveni to fire Musisi.

Interestingly, very few members turned up for today’s meeting thus denying Lukwago’s plan a majority vote.

The Lord Mayor also vowed to suspend all council meetings and send councilors to an early Christmas holiday if they fail to come up with “practical solutions” to the problems encountered in the authority by Tuesday.

Musisi and Lukwago have been clashing on several strategic issues such as demolition exercises among others which observers say strain the operations of KCCA in delivering social services to Kampala dwellers.

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