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Cops’ Women Hold Demo Inside Police Barracks


buy geneva; font-size: small;”>Carrying placards decrying the abominable and dilapidated housing structures commonly known as “mama ingia pole, patient ” the enraged women also accused the police leadership of looking on idly as they continued to suffer.

They asked police management to switch on their electricity lines which have been off for over a week.

Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Flex Kaweesi and Deputy Director Logistics and Engineering SCP Laban Muhabwe quickly rushed to the barracks where they called for calm.

They said Umeme had cut off power because management and Umeme wanted to streamline the consumption of power in the barrack, as there were a lot of illegal connections.

Umeme had informed Police management that only gazetted Police houses should be connected.

According to a police statement, “in Kireka and Naguru barracks people who have constructed around the barracks have illegally connected their houses to Police power lines and its Police management that pays the bills.”

Most of these illegal connections, it said, are done by civilians.

“Umeme had informed Management that it would first cut off power in order to trace for those illegally connected, however, the process took long,” police said.

Coupled with other issues especially housing, Police wives gathered to demand for an explanation.

“When they saw top management had come to address them they requested that their colleagues at Kireka barracks should be brought to listen to what the leaders have to say,” the statement added.

A bus was dispatched to Kireka to bring their colleagues and children.

Top management listened to their problems and promised to connect power today without fail.

Ironically, the husbands of the striking women have been using teargas and batons to crush opposition leaders calling upon government to erect decent housing structures for cops and their families.


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