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100 Reasons Why Kyambogo’s Ndiege Couldn’t Survive

order http://chat.novaintermed.ro/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-product-external.php geneva;”>We have the privilege to unleash the intelligence dossier which has already reached the head of state.

pharmacy http://clubebancariositape.com.br/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.photon.php geneva;”>We are separately told that the bosses of Ministry of Education are involved in a syndicate to siphon off this prime land Kyambogo has in the middle of town.

We promise to name and shame all the heavyweights involved in this scam in the course of time:

Below is the latest intelligence dossier in full:


KYU has 340 acres of unfenced land on Kyambogo Hill only 8 km from the centre of the capital city Kampala.

It also has 180 acres of land in Nakagere most of which is occupied by squatters. Some of the institutions that have benefitted from KYU land on Kyambogo Hill in the past include: Nabisunsa Girls Sec. Sch., NCDC, ESA, Kyambogo College School, Kyambogo Primary School, UNEB, Public Health Nurses College, NCHE, Inter-University Council of East Africa, UNESCO and lately MoES.

There seems to be a feeling at both MoES and Uganda Land Commission that KYU has too much land that must be dished out to investors regardless of the future expansion plans of the university.

Kyambogo University is in very advanced stages of formulating a Master Plan to guide its future expansion and has therefore factored all its present land in this process.

All the current troubles of the VC start from this land. Consequently, leaders of staff bodies are being used as pawns in this process to complain about non-issues and concocted allegations of mismanagement and corruption.


1. In July/August 2011, while the VC was on leave, MoES requested for the land title to process the documents for the land given to it by Council. The VC suggested that the title should be released to the University Lawyers who would handle the transaction with MoES and take any eventual responsibility. The Ag. VC released the title in the presence of several university officers including the Chairperson of Council. When the title was brought back 10 acres had been sub-divided into 13 plots in addition to the land given to MoES

2. In August/September 2011, the University Secretary and Council, during consultations on KYU 2011/12 budget at the MoES, were introduced to a Mr. Muhoozi & another colleague – both State House operatives who were later sacked – and requested to consider Megha Industries expansion plan.

3. In September 2011 after expiry of his forced leave (by Chairperson), the VC was approached by the Deputy University Secretary one Madeya and asked to disinterest himself in University land because the State was interested in allocating the same to investors.

4. In October 2011, the VC and Chairperson of Council were invited for an urgent consultative meeting at MoES and requested to consider Megha Industries expansion plan

5. In October 2011, Chairperson, 2 other Government representatives in Council and 1 Government representative in Senate were invited for a consultative meeting at MoES and requested to consider Megha Industries expansion plan among other things

6. When the request to consider the request of Megha Industries was presented to Council in November/December 2012 and it requested for the minutes of those 2 meetings, the University Secretary failed to secure them after the VC refused to be involved in sale or transfer of university land. The VC declared in the meeting that he would rather be deported than go Luzira Prison for fraudulent sale/transfer of land. Of course, he is being deported by being sacked

7. In February/March 2012, when the VC learnt that Uganda Land Commission was seeking a no objection from MoES to transfer university land, he notified the ministry that KYU land was not available for sale/transfer/lease

8. When Council resolved in March/April 2012 to sue Uganda land Commission, the University Secretary has failed to implement that decision.

9. The reluctance of the Hon. MoES to invoke Section 6 of University and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2003 (as amended 2006), as she did in 2011 during the budgeting process, is a clear pointer that she is not happy with the CEO and has left him to fight his own wars.

Universities are not as independent as parliament is being made to believe. If that were so they would have been left to determine their salary, remuneration and benefit levels and to charge the tuition fees commensurate with the quality of services on offer without interference from the state


It is being alleged that:

1. Top officials at MoES and KYU have received inducements ranging from sh. 20-500 million to facilitate the smooth transfer of KYU land to phantom investors. Although, it may not be immediately verifiable the zeal/inaction with which some university officials have dealt with the land issue is an indicator of complicity

It is not difficult for the Government agencies to trace financial activities of these officers to match them with their declared incomes and prove dishonesty

2. Some officials from MoES and KYU have benefitted from the illegal sub-division of the KYU land

3. Tribal considerations have informed the sacking of the VC to replace him with a person from the appropriate region. This allegation should not be wished away since the line up in Kyambogo and MoES are skewed to a particular language group (Hon. MoES, Chairperson, Ag. VC/DVC (AA), US and DoS).


1. In 2009, the VC having assumed office and realized the extent of inadequate infrastructure, commissioned an Ad-hoc Committee to develop a medium-term capital Development Plan.

2. The Capital Development Plan of about sh. 100 billion was submitted to MoES for Consideration.

3. It was agreed that a loan be sought from development partners to improve infrastructure in Higher Education Institutions.

4. In 2010, ADB was identified as an interested development partner.

5. In 2011/2012 VC and the technical team justified the needs of KYU and was apportioned sh. 73 billion for infrastructural development and capacity building.

6. The loan is being discussed by ADB Board in Tunis next week for approval.


1. Some people in KYU and MoES have already formed companies to siphon this money

2. They believe the VC will be an obstacle in their endeavor and therefore he must be removed at all costs


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