Pretty Glo Plays Zungu @ Club Silk


recipe approved geneva;”>Singer Pretty Glo played a zungu fellow like an ace last night at the Kampala Wears Gucci Night at Club Silk.

abortion geneva;”>The babe arrived at the club in the company of another light skinned babe but moments later were joined by a zungu guy. He kept buying for them Bitter beer for quite some time.

pilule geneva;”>However things got kind of funny later when pretty Glo and her friend kept on excusing themselves to go to the rest room when instead they were going to Oxygen.

We got nosy and guess what.

When we followed the babe, we discovered she was with a dark skinned fellow making merry at a reserved table. Glo made it very professional to the extent that she was spending about twelve minutes with each guy.

By the time we left at about 1:30am, Pretty Glo was still at her game.

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