Mao: Nabukenya’s Luweero Will Not Slip Away Under My Watch


pilule http://chachanova.com/wp-includes/link-template.php geneva; font-size: small;”>“We are saddened by the court ruling in Brenda Nabukenya’s case but we shall soldier on. We will never give up, doctor ” said Mao in a brief statement today.

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what is ed geneva; font-size: small;”>“Luweero will not slip away from DP under my watch. We do not agree with this judgement overturning Brenda Nabukenya’s election but we respect it. We also know that Justice Zehurikirize is a conscientious judge,” observed Mao.

He also observed that “chances of overturning this judgement are thus slim because it is a fine point of law,” adding “the pivot of the case was a matter of law.”

High Court judge Vincent Zehurikirize threw Nabukenya out of Parliament over massive election rigging and bribery.

The judge also ordered the Electoral Commission to organize fresh elections.

The case arose from a petition by Nabukenya’s rival, Rebecca Nalwanga, who lost the by-election in November last year.

Nalwanga, an NRM candidate, accused Nabukenya of bribing voters.

She also faulted the Electoral Commission of closing the voting exercise before the mandatory 5pm which literally “disenfranchised” her supporters.

In his ruling today, Zehurikirize said Nalwanga had raised her complaints on a strong ground considering that she lost by a margin of 30 votes.

Nabukenya scooped a staggering 14,945 votes against Nalwanga’s 14,915 out of 340 polling stations in the central District.

However, Mao says Nabukenya “did no wrong.”

He says “the EC simply did not put up a serious fight.”

“They do not care about throwing taxpayers money away in legal costs. Since EC will pay the court costs there is no worry of court bailiffs harassing Brenda. As for the way forward, consultations are ongoing,” he added.

“But the way things are looking now, we may have to handle the matters like we did the Entebbe Municipality one for Mohammed Kawuma. The highest court is the court of the people. The people will settle the matter once and for all. Vox Populi Vox Dei (The voice of the people is the voice of God).”

He Electoral Commission is yet to set the date for another byelection.


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