Muruli Tips Minister Tumwebaze On State House Student Bursaries

here http://deltadiner.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/emails/customer-reset-password.php geneva;”>”Several students are assisted by the state house however the President said that responsibility be transferred to the Ministry of Education but a budget has not been allocated to it. Therefore it is your role to take up that issue and follow it up, nurse http://chuckatuckhistory.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/3rd-party/buddypress.php ” said Muruli.

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“There are many issues which remain unattended to and need a follow up and special commitment now that you have officially taken over the office,” he added.

He said this today Thursday during his handover ceremony to Frank Tumwebaze at the Parliament.

“There is need to complete the Kololo grounds construction, have secondary schools built as promised by the President and the Resident District Commissioners (RDC) have to be facilitated,” he said.

Muruli emphasized that RDC’s need independent facilitation to monitor the activities they carry out in their districts. “The President promised that each one would be given a send-off of Shs 30m and this commitment is in writing but there is no budgetary provision for it, therefore you should take it upon youself to make sure they are facilitated,” he added.

He also urged Tumwebaze to cooperate with the Executive Director of Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) as they carry out their obligations because it is a very sensitive department. “KCCA is a very important and controversial department. However the Executive Director is a very committed and focused person and I believe you will work along very well,” added Muruli.

Muruli pointed out other special matters that need a follow up and attention like the Uganda AIDS Commission which he said is very important in the office of the Presidency and the Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation.

“Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation’s services are important because they always do government printing for us. Make sure it’s provided for and it returns to the vibrant level it used to be on,” he said.

He also said that on 23rd March 2010, Hon JJ Otim requested to resign from being the head of His Office but the matter has never been worked up to date so he urged Tumwebaze to take it up and work upon it immediately.

However he assured Tumwebaze that in spite of the busy schedule and heavy work, a lot of the work has been done and only needs a pushing, and will be guided by everyone on the team.

“There are routine issues in the office of the presidency but you can be guided by some documents like the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda,” he added.

He concluded by saying that where there is a way, there is a will and believes that the team Tumwebaze will be working with is hardworking and Cooperative.

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