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Arms Factory Attack: Sudan Vows Heavy Response Against Israel


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more about http://csmfireprotection.com.au/components/com_k2/views/latest/tmpl/latest_item.php geneva;”>At the same time, site the minister denied Israeli allegations that the factory has links with Hamas and Iran, page describing them as “patently false.”

He said the Israel attack aims to weaken Sudan and subsequently support its insurgents.

Ahmed said the Egyptian parties’ delegation currently on visit to the country “arrived to show solidarity with Sudan against Israeli attack.”

According to Sudan Media Centre, the delegation condemned the aggression on Yarmok factory.

Representative of Arab Doctor Union Dr. Jamal Abdel Rahman said the delegation represents seven political parties and a number of trade unions.

He said they have come to show solidarity and support Sudanese people and their government “against the treacherous Israeli aggressions.”

Jamal was quoted as saying the delegation would pay visit to scene of attack before meeting with government officials.

Meanwhile, Sudan Vision Daily today reported that Parliament had issued a statement condemning the unjust and unwarranted Israeli attack on Yarmouk factory on October 24.

The statement said the attack was in flagrant violation of international law and the country’s sovereignty.

The statement continued: “This attack will not change the Sudanese stand which in principle considers Israel an aggressing state which occupied land that does belong to it, displaced people who were once secure, and seized Muslim and Christian holy shrines.

“We commend the Sudanese Armed Forces on their impeccable conduct and performance and alert selflessness in Sudan’s defence. The Sudanese people are unanimously behind you in the face of this aggression, and all aggressions and this attack will not sway them from being in solidarity with the people of Palestine in their struggle to retrieve their occupied land and supporting the Palestinian resistance until it realises its legitimate goals.”

Speaker of the Parliament Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir condemned the attack and described the damage wrought on the factory as “big and one that lessened Sudanese abilities.”

He denounced the repeated blatant and stark Zionist aggressions on the country, ranging from supporting rebel movements to supplying them with arms and equipment and harboring them.

He said the Israelis targeted Sudan for its high potential and out of fear that Sudan will affect their national security.

The Speaker of the Parliament said Sudan will counter that aggression in the appropriate time and called on the media to mobilise the Sudanese people. He also called on African, Arab, and Islamic parliaments to condemn the attack.

Al-Tahir said the Sudanese stand on Palestine is immovable. It remains the same that Sudan will stand by Palestinians until their country is liberated.

Heads of parliamentary committees said the Sudanese reaction must be strong and urged the Sudanese people to maintain their unity and arrange their priorities. They also stressed the need for more financial and technical support for the Armed Forces.

Chimpreports understands Israel is yet to comment on the strike but defence officials have since described Sudan as a “terrorist state” which facilitates the transport of arms to Hamas in the Gaza strip.


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