Gen Muntu To Raise Shs2bn As FDC Race Heats Up

viagra http://cornerstone-edge.com/wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/inc/custom-header.php geneva;”>Chimpreports has established that Muntu was compelled to initiate plans of raising more funds after it emerged that a wealthy politician interested in the outcome of the FDC race intended to inject at least Shs1bn in the Nandala Mafabi camp at the last minute to tilt the exercise in favour of the former army commander’s rival.

Insiders have told this investigative website that Muntu intends to raise Shs2bn to facilitate the accommodation and travel expenses of his delegates during their stay in Kampala.

Mafabi intends to hire a plush Kampala Hotel with the view to offer palatial services to FDC delegates who will be residing in the city before the election date.

It appears FDC lacks the resources to adequately facilitate the exercise, a reason candidates are single-handedly forking out money to foot the bills of the delegates’ trips and accommodation expenses.

But addressing press on Monday, Deputy Publicity Secretary Toterebuka Bamwenda said the party had “all the necessary resources for the function.”

Realizing that Mafabi was banking on his strong financial muscle to defeat Muntu in the race, the latter is now looking at ensuring his supportive delegates “have the best facilities” while in Kampala.

Sources further revealed that the FDC Chief Mobiliser has also dropped his two official campaign strategists, Anita Amongi and Livingstone Kizito, “to create room for them to take charge of the welfare of Muntu’s delegates.”

It’s yet unclear who is funding Muntu.

Mafabi’s campaign team is well funded and the source of these resources remains a mystery. His strategists say Mafabi “is rich.”

Latest poll ratings showed Muntu was leading with a 49 percent margin in the FDC presidential race.

The Research World International survey indicated that Nandala Mafabi was second in the contest with 25 percent and MP Geoffrey Ekanya trailing with 3 percent.

However, poll findings confirmed there remains an undecided 23 percent – if wooed could tilt the contest in any candidate’s favour.

According to the research firm boss Dr Patrick Wakida, FDC delegates were asked: “if elections were held today, who would you vote for FDC presidency?”

Majority delegates said Muntu had showed a higher sense of maturity and care for the party in the campaigns.

That aside, most delegates said the party would remain stronger after the polls.

“The sample is proportionate to the population of the delegates in each region.

We used a telephonic method where the respondents were called while recording the responses on the questionnaire. We had 5 interviewers and the interviews took approximately 8 days,” Wakida told Chimpreports.

“Data entry and tabulation were done in house at RWI. To get the delegates opinion on whom they consider being the most suited person to lead FDC,” he added.

The researchers’ motive was to measure the drivers of choice among the delegates, understand issues that are shaping the campaign and get the delegate’ opinion on who they consider to be a most suited person to lead FDC.

Research World International, an independent global research company commissioned this opinion poll between September 25 to October 3 with the aim of assessing the opinions of the FDC delegates about the ongoing party primaries to chose the leader of FDC.

“Research World International designed and implemented a Public Opinion Telephonic Survey to assess the opinions and drivers of choice for the FDC leadership,” said Wakida.

“The total sample was 500 but we managed to reach 445 delegates who were talked to and their opinion sought,” said Wakida.


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