Museveni Urges Ex Malaysian Premier To Build Oil Refinery In Uganda


malady geneva;”>more about "sans-serif";”>The President and his guest discussed development issues touching mainly on value addition to Uganda’s agro and mineral products.

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symptoms geneva;”>Mr Museveni extended an invitation to the business community from Malaysia to come and invest in Uganda saying that the country offers a diversity of entrepreneurial opportunities.

He particularly asked them to look into areas of agro-processing of fruits, cereals, coffee, as well as minerals that, he noted, are linked to agriculture including phosphates for fertilizers.

The President also informed them of the iron ore mineral deposits available in the country that, he said, could be processed into steel that is required for heavy duty construction purposes such as hydro-power dams’ building.

Mr Museveni further informed his guest of the oil resources that had been discovery in the country.

He called on him to look into the possibility of building a refinery in Uganda that would be beneficial to the country given that Uganda is land locked.

During Premier Mahathir’s tenure as Prime Minister 1981 to 2003, Malaysia experienced rapid modernization and economic growth and his government initiated a series of bold infrastructure projects.

The Minister of Water and Environment Professor Ephraim Kamuntu, among others, attended the meeting.


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