DP Contests Nantaba’s Inauguration


viagra 40mg http://costpricesupplements.com.au/wp-includes/revision.php geneva;”>Mbabaali said that Nantaba had been rejected by the Parliamentary Appoints Committee for reasons which were very clear but this annoyed Museveni who devised means of bringing her back on board.

He said according to the Parliamentary Rules of Procedures, http://davepallone.com/wp-includes/class-wp-http-cookie.php Nantaba’s case should have been forwarded to Parliament for plenary debate but not calling for the committee’s meeting again under Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya.

“The swearing in of Nantaba as a minister is against the law and as a result of her strong relationship with President Museveni,” Mbabaali told press at Party headquarters in Kampala on Tuesday.

Nantaba denies any personal relationship with the President, saying she was picked for the Ministerial position “purely on merit.”

A ceremony was held at State House today to inaugurate the new Cabinet ministers who include Nantaba.


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