Kaweesa Explains Yoga Yoga Debt Issue


ailment geneva;”>Chimp Corps got in touch with the project guru and singer Richard Kaweesa who confirmed to us that indeed some people had not yet been paid.

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generic geneva;”>Kaweesa told our Corps that big companies’s paying process usually takes long and that is why some people have not yet receiced their money.

patient geneva;”>“This is called cash-flow management. When resources allow, you get to balance your debt obligations against your investments and current income. This is why payments coming from companies as big as Bell could take 60 working days,’’ said Kaweesa.

The singer further went on to give us the Full list of who has been paid and who has not.

Steve’s studio – paid

Barbara – singer – paid 100,000 – bal. 900,000

Hum Kay – fully paid

Richy – not yet paid

Ruyonga – fully paid

South African studio – fully paid 3.6 million for mix and mastering

Esther Nabaasa – paid through rights sharing

Michael Mugisha – paid through rights sharing


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