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Dynapharm’s Chief Faces Prison Over Unpaid Dues


story healing geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%; text-align: justify;”>These were arrested after committing various crimes which included snatching of phones, online bags, fighting, forgery of tickets to the concert, vandalising motor vehicles and many others.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Ibin Ssenkumbi, attributed these crimes to be a result of misunderstandings and drunkeness of youth who had come to the concert.

They are being held at Old Kampala Police awaiting to be charged accordingly. Police calls on the general public not to over drink in Concerts and also urges organisers to always have strict entry to these places.

pill geneva; color: #222222;”>On March 28, the High Court ruled that Esther was supposed to compensate Ntambara with Shs 6,462,869 plus Shs 2m for damages she had caused on his business that he was operating in Muyenda on plot 4330, block 244 kyadondo.

The second CID report

Esther took Faustin to Makindye Magistrate Court demanding the business man to pay her Shs 16 m for operating his bar business on her land. But when court went into the matter, they discovered that Faustin had entered into tenancy agreement with Resty Nakatete Wangi who was the land lady and the owner of the land.

The court further sent CID on Land protection unit to investigate the issue which discovered that Faustin never owed any single penny to Esther. Even though Esther bought the land from Resty in 2011, Faustin had fully paid all his rent dues to the land lady.

Warrant of arrest

When Faustin was evacuating from the place, Esther with her security operatives confiscated the bar and hotel in house holdings like refrigerators, fans and other valuable items by demanding for the previous rent pay.

That’s when the matter was taken to the High Court which ruled in favor of Faustin and Esther was instructed to pay the money for all the costs and return the confiscated items before September 28 which she had never complied with up to now.

Esther who had been escaping several arrests over failure to pay, on Thursday morning her luck ended.

The Court Bailiff, Herbert Zirahuka and security tightened up Esther from Kampala DCFU Bank branch as she had gone to bank her under tight security from state house and whisked her to the high court.

The letter of the bill of costs

The letter of imprisonment was immediately signed before she managed to pay anything. She only managed to pay shs 500,000 giving the sureties that she was going to pay at the beginning of next month.

The demand for the bill of cost to be paid by Esther

According to Herbert and Faustin Lawyer, Francis Harimwogasha, they have declared that if Esther fails to pay the money on the time they agreed, she will be rushed to Luzira Prison.

First CID report

“The facts are there, so we are still waiting for her to honor her obligation according to the court ruling before we act bitter on her as the law demands,” he said.

Some of the property that Esther had confiscated


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