FDC Blasts Police Over Besigye Harassment


patient http://celebrationhopecenter.org/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-control.php geneva;”>“As a party, site http://cusanus-studierende.de/wp-includes/class-wp-simplepie-file.php we are much concerned of the daily harassment of our president by the police. We strongly condemn this type of persecution which infringes on the human rights of our leader,” said Toterebuka.

On Saturday morning, Mbarara town quickly turned into a battlefield as police and UPDF put to use teargas and bullets to prevent Besigye from waving to his supporters. Besigye was traveling from Kampala to Kabale to attend the burial of Late John William Bagorogoza, the father in law of businessman James Garuga.

FDC supporters welcoming Besigye in Mbarara

Drama started unfolding at around at 9:30am when Besigye branched off to Total fuel station for fuelling and a group of boda boda riders, asked him to wave to his supporters in town before continuing with his journey.

Besigye also obliged to his supporters. Within few minutes five police patrol cars quickly blocked the High Street thus forcing Besigye to park at United Bank of Africa and locked himself in the car.

Anti-riot police in running battles with Mbarara FDC supporters

However the news had already spread like wildfire, with hundreds storming the area.

When police ordered FDC supporters to disperse in order to create way for other road users and they refused, this compelled them to use teargas, attracting a violent response from the opposition youth who hurled rocks at the anti-riot cops.

Toterebuka said that it is not fair for a leader of a registered political party to be treated in such a manner. “There is no fair environment to allow multi-partism to be fully practiced in this Country,” he said.

Military Police storm Mbarara

He commented on the issue of Police denying to have blocked Besigye saying that police’s position shows that it is working for the regime and not the people. “They should act as professionals and take responsibility of their actions,” added Toterebuka.

He urged the public to rise up against the unjustified behavior of the police because next time it could be anyone.


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