FDC: We're Not Postponing Presidential Elections


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He said this during a press conference at the Party headquarters in Najjanakumbi.

During the FDC 6th National Council Meeting, Col. Kizza Besigye complained that the members of the party were not mobilizing enough funds to support the party activities.

General Mugisha Muntu reacted by saying that if elected President of FDC, members of the Party will see his potential in this field well as Nandala Mafabi said that he had been occupied with other activities unlike his colleagues who have been members of the fundraising committee long before he joined.

However, Toterebuka today Monday told the press that these are just challenges they are facing in the party but will be overcome.

He said that the National Organizing Committee in charge of elections which is chaired by Alice Alaso, the Secretary General of the party has organized a series of meetings and its report shows everything will go on well as planned.

He also commented on the issue of the recent opinion poll the party will support any candidate who wins. “To win as the President the Party, one must have 50 plus one percent of the votes of the delegates,” said Toterebuka.

“These are just indicators for all the candidates to pull up their socks and find tactics of winning the elections,” he added.

The opinion poll released on October 16 showed that Muntu was leading with a 49 percent margin, Mafabi in second place with 25 percent and MP Geoffrey Ekanya trailing with a 3 percent.

However, the poll findings confirm there remains an undecided 23 percent – if wooed could tilt the contest in any candidate’s favour.

He also said that last week the Party was cleaning the voter’s Register in order to know the eligible voters for the upcoming elections.

“We wanted to know those who died, who crossed over to other parties and those who became independent so as to make a new voter’s register,” said Toterebuka.


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