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INTELLIGENCE: DRC Army Finalises Plan To Attack M23 Rebels


ask http://debiontheweb.com/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/class.nextgen_product_installer.php geneva;”>Regional intelligence indicates DRC President Joseph Kabila’s forces intend to launch a massive onslaught on rebel-held positions starting November 2.

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adiposity http://coloradofinearts.org/wp-includes/class-wp-meta-query.php geneva;”>In response, highly placed military sources have told Chimpreports, M23 will initiate deadly reprisals with the view to capture Goma, the provincial capital of Kivu.

“M23 have realized that Kabila does not want to talk peace and is buying time to reorganize his troops and war planes to bomb Bunagana, Runyonyi and other towns being controlled by the mutineers,” said a military intelligence source.

Kabila in early July shipped in heavy artillery from North Korea and China to “clear” rebels from the eastern part of the country.

Logistics from China and Korea were seen being offloaded from trucks in Kinshasha after “DRC paid a balance to these two countries to develop more adequate equipment, which can enable them to cope with the enemy.”

Kabila is facing his toughest challenge of his presidency as intelligence reports point to the fact that rebels are planning to topple him if he insists on taking the path of war.

Led by Col. Sultani Makenga, the rebels are now carrying out drills, military intelligence operations, rearmament , drawing war strategies, operation plans and rescue missions.

Kabila told press in Kinshasha last week that he was not “taking off the table” the military option, as the insurgency that has left thousands displaced intensifies.

Colonel Sultani Makenga (C)

Regional leaders have been urging peace talks with rebels but Kabila, sources say, has vowed the rebels can only listen to the sound of fire.

And despite plans to put in place a joint force of regional armies to quell the rebellion, it appears Kinshasha has made up its mind on attacking the M23.

State House sources have separately told this investigative website that during a meeting at Rwakitura on Saturday, President Yoweri Museveni pleaded with Kabila’s envoy Mr Raymond Tshibanda, who is also the DRC Minister of Foreign Affairs, International and Regional Co-operation and Francophony, that war should be the last resort.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Uganda

“The President called for calm, saying the people of Kivu had suffered a lot due to endless wars, adding, it was time to give peace a chance,” a source quoted Museveni as saying.

The rebels recently abandoned FARDC in which they were integrated in 2009 under a peace deal brokered by the international community.

They broke ranks after DRC called for warlord Bosco Ntaganda’s arrest.

The international community has since accused neighbouring Rwanda and of supporting the mutiny, allegations the two countries have vehemently denied.

The rebels recently said in a statement that “the biggest responsibility in the degeneration of the national army, rests unquestionably on Joseph Kabila Kabange, who has sufficiently demonstrated his inability to manage the army of a country of continental dimensions (2,345 000 km2) and where communication, in all its dimensions, is poor.”

President Paul Kagame, Rwanda

Guerilla army

A few weeks ago we reported that DRC had kicked off recruitment and training of a guerrilla army aiming to be a million strong by 2015 to fight off possible future invasions by rebel groups.

Kabila directed his Defence Minister Alexandre Luba Ntambo to coordinate a new recruitment exercise of young men, aged between 18 – 25, into the army. This is aimed at transforming the inefficient army into a well equipped and professional force, complete with modern guerilla training.

The new army would get training in Special operations, warfare, air force, artillery and paratrooping, according to a senior army official in Uganda.

The recruitment exercise is reportedly being supported by Angola and friendly nations in form of trainers and logistics to ensure the necessary strength for the overall defense of the war-torn nation.

Bishop Runiga

Colonel Mwitcho Wabateyi coordinated the recruitment in the mineral-rich Kivu province where majority of the newly trained soldiers will be deployed.

Kinshasha was a few months ago humiliated when M23 rebels pounded FARDC’s positions in Bunagana thus breaking their line defences in a very short time and sending them scampering for safety in Uganda.

The M23 later pushed forward, thus cleaning FARDC from Rutshuru and other towns before threatening to seize the provincial town of Goma.


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