IN PICTURES: Col Besigye’s Mbarara Riot


abortion pills geneva;”>Besigye was traveling from Kampala to Kabale to attend the burial of Late John William Bagorogoza, the father in law of businessman James Garuga.

The deceased also doubled as an uncle to Andrew Baryayanga, the Member of Parliament for Kabale Municipality.

Besigye was accompanied by FDC youth league member Francis Mwijukye.

The duo was traveling in a white Toyota Land Cruiser brand car, registration number UAN 661V.

FDC supporters welcoming Besigye in Mbarara

HOW it started

Drama started unfolding at 9:30am with Besigye storming Mbarara town.

He later branched off to Total fuel station for refueling.

At this time, a group of boda boda riders, who had spotted the politician, asked him to wave to his supporters in the town before continuing with his journey.

Anti-riot police in running battles with Mbarara FDC supporters

Besigye obliged, opening his car’s roof along High Street. He waved to his excited supporters.

Five police patrol cars quickly blocked the High Street thus forcing Besigye to park at United Bank of Africa. He locked himself in the car.

The news had already spread like wildfire, with hundreds storming the area.

Hell breaks loose

With Besigye stuck inside his car, Police ordered FDC supporters to disperse and create way for other road users, a directive that was turned down.

Military Police storm Mbarara

This compelled police to use teargas, attracting a violent response from the opposition youth who hurled rocks at the anti-riot cops.

Chimpreports has established that during the scuffle, over ten police officers were injured before being rushed to Mbarara University hospital for treatment.

The situation worsened at around 11:00am when police run out of teargas and started throwing stones at rioters.

When rioters realized that police had no more teargas canisters, they came in large numbers in a violent attack that overwhelmed the cops.

Realizing the rowdy youth were determined to cause a huge damage to police and the town, over 200 military police swung into action as reinforcement. They restored sanity in the town after shooting live bullets in the air and caning the youth.

Besigye addressing press in Ntungamo

Sources said Police boss Lt Gen Kale Kayihura later ordered his men to let Besigye drive to Kabale but under tight security.

Besigye was not supposed to make another stopover during his trip.

Interestingly, Besigye defied these orders and stopped in Ntungamo where he addressed a press conference before continuing to Kabale.

Besigye told journalists he would not stop “walking to freedom” until the government “does exactly what people want it to do.”

Counting the cost

Meanwhile, all businesses and transport in Mbarara town came to a standstill for over five hours during the chaos.

Besigye was stuck inside his car for almost thirty minutes

All taxis and buses that were heading to Masaka road were blocked for hours because all the exit routes had been blocked by the military.

Traders locked up their shops till late in the evening.


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